8 comments on “Best of Wota in Translation 2017

  1. That’s all for 2017. Thank you for another good year. As a final note: this month also marks one year of Wota in Translation having been on Patreon. Do check out the Patreon page if you want to buy me a motivational drink. I’ll see you in 2018. Cheers!

  2. What a great way to end this year! A complete Tsunku interview, a post regarding the no-dating rule and a best-of of WiT in 2017.

    The Mofuo and Nanamin lovestory and Sayukis and Tomokos drunk shenanigans were my fav threads this year.
    The threads about Chissas father and Taguchi the runaway worried me. /D (tho with Taguchi it was more that she blogged about it rather than the actual action).
    Thanks for all your hard work Henkka! It is most appreciated!

  3. I miss the “What if Maachan were…” topics. So funny, but the girl has matured, and she is not anymore the airhead she used to be. Good for her, bad for WIT.

    Thank you Henkka for all your hard work, and Happy 2018.

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