26 comments on “Uemura Akari’s swimsuit photobook!!! ~OPPAI EXPLOSION~

  1. Oh Henkka, I totally lost on the last name you mentioned.

    Anyway this is the first photobook I’ve pre-ordered on the same day Amazon revealed its exclusive edition cover.

  2. And here I am laughing my head off at work…until I see your own comment, Henka.

    …brb trying not to get reprimanded.

  3. I would be interested in a DVD magazine featuring Takeuchi and Fukumura going to a ski resort and doing snow boarding (similar to Ayacho and Honey’s onsen DVD).

    As for a name for a Oden photobook, why not “Takeuchi” (other than people might think that it is for the manga-ka for Sailor Moon)? In the photobook they should dress Takechan up as a Visual Kei rocker.

  4. That Aari’s PB preview must be shocked to fans, included me. How come someone beauty with funny personality and slender body can be that sexy. That was a bomb..

  5. I was so happy to hear that she got a photobook. She’s the first to do so in my current H!P oshimens. But damn I never knew she was this “hot”… Well I ordered myself the Amazon version a while ago. Can’t wait to receive it.

  6. You’d think none of these guys had ever seen Shinozaki Ai they way they go on about Akari.

    I’d love to see Akari and Meimi get photobooks but I’m afraid #124 is right.

  7. They never put emphasis on J=J’s bodies so now seeing Akari in a swimsuit looking hot makes everybody lose their minds. Well… success, I guess?

    But some of these comments. “Huge”? Really? I’d say they’re average to somewhat bigger than average for H!P, but far from huge.

  8. 75 in the first set of comments is pretty much spot on! I have a policy of not buying photobooks featuring an underage idol. Probably gonna make an exception here though!

  9. I really liked uemura for how beautiful she is.. But I’m not sure if I am ready to see her in this way (not that I hadn’t used to Ai, Sayu, Kame and everyone else lol) . She’s very beautiful though…

  10. I’m beginning to understand now why my mouth waters at the sight of (her) juicy melons….it’s no wonder Tsunku the Great bequeathed the image fruit of MELON to our dear Uemura. Man, Tsunku’s a fucking oracle blessed with precognition that Aari is destined for GREATNESS. I enjoyed the melon juice so much that my OWN JUICE is leaking out. How about that?

  11. 86: 無し募集中。。。 2015/09/28(月) 20:46:21.81 0.net
    “So much Juice=Juice came out. ><”

    If you know what I mean..

  12. they’re bigger than mine xDD *embarrased* but there are not huge, wotas are really desperate, but is simply a trick, you put yourself aside and go! They look bigger xDDDD

  13. Had a really weird dream relating to this Aari PB episode. In that dream, I was led to a jail cell in Japan. Once the guard locked the cell and left, suddenly, there was this familiar young girl in the next cell who called out to me. I was taken aback by her identity, as it was Riho who was hunched in the corner of her cell. After a brief introduction, we began some small talk.

    Riho: So… what are you in for?
    Me: They caught me doing Uemura Akari.

    Riho (aghast): What?!!You should’ve known better dude! She is SO underaged!
    Me: (shrugging my shoulders). I guess so.. what about you, Riho-chan…how come you’re here? What are you in for?

    Riho: (mumbling ever so softly) Fukumura Mizuki.

  14. Does anyone here knows Akari’s cup size? I’m thinking of sending her a new bra as a gift for her next birthday.

  15. Has anyone considered the possibility Fukumura’s or Risako’s boobs were photoshopped onto Akari’s photos?

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