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  1. Very interesting that Ayaya appreciated the dynamic of a live band accompaniment. It’s one of the great failings of H!P concerts that they pipe karaoke background instrumentals.

    I remember some dingdong on a long-dead message board said Morning Musume didn’t need a live band — they were above all that or something.

  2. Is this really a three-part????
    Well informed this and SHE’S my all-time fave diva indeed… I hope she’ll return soon for a most spectacular comeback that may reunite all the veteran divas in the most sacred era indeed….

  3. Bonus: Here’s an old radio translation I did many years ago, pertaining to Matsuura & Fujimoto.

    hicbc “Teensnight Nagaoka” 2011/01/29

    Ayaya: You could’ve almost called us sisters. We got along really well.
    Host: So you used to be pretty close?
    Ayaya: Yeah. We were both soloists so we became friends naturally right away. If we had some work where we had to stand in front of cameras, we’d just naturally say the same things without even planning on it. We got through rehearsals in a flash.
    Host: So you could say it wasn’t just work, but you became really close friends as well?
    Ayaya: Yeah. Out of all the members of Hello! Project, Mikitty was the only one I used to hang out with in private.
    Host: I see. Your personalities with the other members weren’t really a match?
    Ayaya: Well, I think I’m the type who’s not really liked by her juniors.
    Host: (laughs) Why’s that?!
    Ayaya: Hey, that’s what I want to know!!
    Host: (laughs) Really?
    Ayaya: Like, looking around me — Mikitty was like this, too — you’d hear about the members getting birthday presents from their juniors, right?
    Host: Yeah.
    Ayaya: That never happened to me!
    Host: Seriously?!
    Ayaya: (laughs)
    Host: That’s weird. Is that true?
    Ayaya: Yeah. I want to know why, too. I’m just not well-liked.
    Host: Isn’t that just because you’re too cute?
    Ayaya: No, that’s not it. That’s definitely not it. Like, I’ve been told I give off an aura of “don’t come near me.” I’m not doing it on purpose at all, though.
    Host: I see. So that’s how it was. So, you just hung out with Mikitty.
    Ayaya: Yeah.
    Host: Where did you hang out together?
    Ayaya: We went lots of places! Shopping, sleepovers at each others’ houses, having dinner together…
    Host: What did you talk about?
    Ayaya: What did we talk about… Well, we used to both be really busy back then, and we’d have to force our managers to set up our schedules so that we’d have time to hang out. So, we mostly just trash-talked our managers.
    Host: (laughs)
    Ayaya: That was basically it. Like, “you won’t believe what he did this time!”. That’s all it was, really. (laughs)

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