26 comments on “Oda Sakura learns Tanaka Reina’s vocal technique

  1. Reina haters must be going crazy right now.
    With Reina gone, they really had to fill in the gap, and they improved a lot recently.
    And I guess I’m not the only one who noticed Maa-chan turning into a mini-Reina. I, for one, am loving it.

  2. Does anyone happen to have a full translation of the girls statements? just like how it shows Sakura and Zukki’s?

    • Maachan has a great voice. Too bad Tsunku doesn’t push her forward. It’s mostly about Sayu, Riho, and Sakura right now. The rest getting the leftover bits and pieces.

        • I hope so. Right now, I feel not much will change until Sayu graduates. Waiting to see some solo or duet songs though. Hope Tsunku writes some for the next album release.

      • I disagree actually. She’s been very prominent in the past few singles with her increase of solo lines.

    • WHAT?
      You don’t like her voice doesn’t mean she couldn’t sing!!!
      I just can’t stand this kind of comment :|

    • Masaki has perfect pitch. It’s a well known fact. If she got a few normal singing lessons she would be incredible

  3. It’s great to see the girls stepping forward to fill in for Takahashi-Niigaki-Tanaka. three strong vocals for MM.

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  5. Oda and Masaki are suspected to be geniuses. Here they have proven it. Figuring Reina out on their own.

  6. Ma-chan might have gotten the singing advice from Reina herself. Since she essentially became Reina’s little sister.

  7. i still dont understand choosing mittsi. i mean even if it was UFP managers(tsunku just justifies their choices) who actually chose the girls, its still weird choosing mittsi over everyone else. but boobs.

    … but kikkawa boobs > mittsi boobs.

  8. oda is a real pro; reminds me a great deal of aichan and reina. all 3 have a real talent when it comes to music and adapting their vocal styles.

    i’ve been noticing maachan trying to copy reina’s techniques for a while now, like for her wagamama she kinda goes “aisaretaaaaiiya”. there’s a little twist at the end. sounds a lil like how reina does at the end of shabondama.

  9. Nice to see Sakura getting some love from the hometown crowd. And I feel the same way as #156 about this group of girls.

  10. This was nice. Sakura’s a great singer, so I wasn’t too worried about her improving. But I’m happy to hear that Masaki is trying to improve. I love Maa-chan, but her singing is mediocre at best. It’s wonderful that she’s so motivated to better herself.

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