24 comments on “Sato Masaki gets pissed off at H!P management! “Why don’t you just delete my whole blog then?!”

  1. Really? Just leave Maachan’s posts alone. Go do something else like fix the t-shirt designs instead.

  2. The f office should have known by now that her fans like her because of totally who she is. Let her to be ffs.

  3. See, I’m not even the biggest Masaki fan out there, but yeah, that would piss me off as well.
    If she was leaking secret info or was being impolite, sure, but I doubt that’s the case for every post – or rather, I’m sure that rarely happens.

    Also, I’m pretty sure they just started with this for the 9th generation. Platinum Era probably wasn’t corrected at all – which led us to Gaki’s hilarious English and the whole 6ki’s “eyes” disaster.

  4. There’s a difference between *managing* your talent, and *micro* managing your talent. This is micro-managing, and that’s how you lose staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up jumping ship sooner or later.

  5. I’m not sure that we’re getting the whole story. Why would it take two hours to add a question mark or fix a verb tense? I just saw Masaki’s latest blog and it was her tamely fan-girling Kaede/Sakura. I wonder if the management made her spend two hours to fix things to make it sound less perverted?

  6. How about UPF focuses more on giving them some actual decent music(which is in decline for a while now) instead of fixing maa’s blog posts?
    I mean ffs focus on the talent you have(and you have the talent enough for exporting it) and put it to a better use, nurture it, don’t limit it like this.
    Especially with the type of girl Maachan is, this is like a textbook bad move.

  7. Well how about that? Mgmt lets all the girls write their own stuff, and merely corrects minor things. Yeah, I know. Sato is pissed, and I would be too, but for years I suspected worst than this: I thought Mgmt wrote all the blogs and the girls were contractually bound to just sign off on them.

    Now that I know the blogs are genuinely from our idols, I will start reading them again.

  8. Yeah, like the corrections made are typo. I’m pretty much sure it also takes two hours to staff to decipher her blog post ?

  9. And now, with the recent photos-taken-walking-to-Ikebukuro-eki-with-a-male-fellow-student incident, she had an entire post deleted in which she defended herself replaced by a more contrite message from her manager………she was rightfully sticking up for herself in claiming her innocence.

    • Could you please tell me if the the redacted post appeared on her Ameblo blog, or if she has another blog elsewhere? (If she does, could you please provide a link?)

      This sort of thing should piss her off. Most wota want their oshi to be happy–even if they’re in wota-love with them. From what I have seen and read of her, Sato has never indicated that she is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, and the purity of the girl (her sexual modesty–not wanting to do gravure beacuse bikinis are too much like lingerie, which “is only for the person you love”, how she constantly skirt-checks herself, etc.) suggests that even if she is in a romantic relationship, there isn’t anything tawdry about it. I don’t want to see Sato graduate (especially now that the 15ki is going to join), but this is the kind of crap that I could see pushing her in that direction, and would totally justify that decision.

      H!P has College Cosmos now, and though it’s really a marketing ploy to make idols seem less “lurid” as the Olympics approach, if this “scandal” has any weight to it and Sato graduates/has to graduate MM, there is always another venue for her to continue being an idol.

      In short: We trust Sato. Office, leave her the hell alone, and let her speak for herself!

      • It’s also bizarre that her manager has this reaction, since everything points to this kind of thing not really impacting her:
        1) Hamachan and Ayapan muscling through their scandals with no problem, and Onoda recently basically thanks her wota for their support of her date in her blog lmao.
        2) Sato has fuck-you levels of popularity, where a good chunk of them are women who wouldn’t care if she dated, and 48G (Sasshi, Milky) shows that wota will actually rally around popular girls who date. See also the above Onoda example, where the comments on the previous post after she got found out were all wota begging her not to leave Tsubaki.

        It seems like it might be Sato’s specific manager that’s overbearing (perhaps overcompensating for the early days), because meanwhile you have Daishi talking about her period over here uncensored.

  10. I never would’ve thought that they spent around an hour writing their blog posts, except maybe for members who tend to make longer ones. There’s probably a lot of factors that impact how long it takes for them…

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