13 comments on “Fukuda Kanon demands for Hello! Project music to be put on streaming services!

  1. That feeling when you’re at a social gathering and everyone’s playing their fav songs on Spotify and I’m sitting there like – NONE OF MY FAVOURITE ARTISTS ARE ON THIS SERVICE, whether Japanese or Korean…

    For my personal use of music it’s not a huge problem, but it does make it hard to share stuff with people

  2. I didn’t know the the Apple Music streaming was an overseas thing. It’s not that scam Up Front Germany uploading it, right? He used spotify as far as I know.

    Generally while I prefer spotify since I don’t own anything apple related (and don’t want to), making it available on Apple Music to Japanese fans should be the next step.

    • I don’t think the Apple Music streaming is an overseas thing. Up Front uploads their music on iTunes, which by default is available on Apple Music in Japan. Maybe, the comments in the thread is referring to the fact that it isn’t available on Spotify which it seems like most people are on but I have an image that iPhones are popular in Japan (and in first world countries) so having Apple Music is an easy thing to try (especially with the 3 month free trial). Besides, Apple Music has an app on Android too.

      • UF puts their music on itunes but it’s only available internationally on Apple Music (it’s blocked in JP, just like Airi#s content on Spotify is blocked internationally).

  3. i like them saying that kenshi yonezu hasnt done it when all of his songs are on spotify lol. he’s one of the biggest #1 billboard holders and top sellers in japan right now. he has almost a million listeners per month. i would have hello!pro on repeat constantly if they were on streaming services i want to use.

  4. most people have a paid spotify account and use that instead of even downloading songs. there’s even a decently big market for Japanese music there. There’s no doubt that going with this trend would get more ears listening to H!P.

  5. I was just making a new spotify playlist last month comprised of JPOP and H!P is the only group not on streaming services and it annoyed the hell out of me. 48\46G have tons of their music on spotify as well as babymetal and Momoclo all of which get around 300-500k listeners per month. Upfront should just get with the times, CDs are a dying form media, most devices, cars, computers dont even come with ways to play them. They’ve already gone all in on Youtube and its paying off so I dont get why they wont stream their music

  6. They don’t realise how may fans they would gain if they put their music on spotify. So many people would be able to find their music and become fans.

  7. “I really want them to do this. Sure, I have the CD’s, but that’s because I’m a wota. I still want to make my own playlists without any limitations.”

    I want to say ‘So rip your CDs!’, but I guess in 2019 it’s becoming rarer to even have a disc drive. So I’ll go with ‘So buy them digitally then!’

    Artists get so little payment from these services, I’m surprised so many do it. I guess maybe it depends what percentage of their money they expect to make from the music versus ticket sales or other merchandise.

  8. I understand why they don’t, because streaming is a racket for the artists, they get paid little to nothing unless they’re at Taylor Swift or Drake levels of popularity. Also, I far prefer discs because they can’t take the music away from me if the service shuts down (just look at all of the DRM bullshit eBooks have had), so I appreciate the CDs.

    However, they could easily put H!P’s out-of-print stuff on streaming services as a gateway. I would recommend also putting new songs on there only for a limited time, as a teaser. So get Elder Club and Berikyuu stuff on streaming, then select current-roster stuff.

    (They could also make their CD print costs much cheaper through various means, but I digress)

    Their concert merch game has gotten so much better, though, so maybe they’re pivoting to making more of their money through non-CD means, which would incentivize them to publicize the music more to get more people into the concerts and concert merch.

  9. And to this day, H!P music is not on many platforms. Thank you, Up-Front for being prioritising money. (Sarcastic)

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