30 comments on “Fukuda Kanon & Kago Ai become Twitter friends!

  1. just by maros “ehhhhhh” you can tell she was annoyed and thinking
    “ehh the old lady is on twitter? i guess i have to be polite”
    although maro was begging for attention…she got bored of it immediatly
    just like a cat

    i remember tsuji saying watching ainori with kago a lot of years back
    ainori = lovebus = @lovbus

    • “just by maros “ehhhhhh” you can tell she was annoyed”
      I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who was as incapable of reading basic human emotions.

      • no dont get me wrong
        that was the reaction she wanted
        she was practically begging for kago to tweet her with “No one can ever surpass her!!
        No one can ever surpass Kago-chan in my heart~~!!! ”

        but,when she got the tweet, she completely lost interest
        japanese call it yandere, or tsundere or whatever.
        get the attention you want, then throw it away.

        even non japanese people can understand the disinterest in that “ehhhhh”
        dig deeper
        had she followed kago weeks or hours before making that “omg i love kago so much” tweet?
        i m thinking maybe hours or even minutes.

        • I’m just going to repeat myself:
          I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who was as incapable of reading basic human emotions.

        • “but,when she got the tweet, she completely lost interest
          japanese call it yandere, or tsundere or whatever.
          get the attention you want, then throw it away.”

          I don’t know off hand if there is a word for this in Japan. However, it is not yandere, or tsundere.

          yandere is when a girl secretly stabs to death in an excessively gory fashion any other girl who is close to a senpai so that the senpai would notice her.

          tsundere is when a girl is mean to a guy because she is too embarrassed to admit that she likes him.

          Maybe the word you are looking for is Marotesque?

        • “but,when she got the tweet, she completely lost interest”

          Just had another thought. Maybe instead of losing interest they took it to private messages?

          • that could be a possibility i guess
            but what has kago to offer maro?
            kago is about as out of the busyness as it gets.
            different ages, different walks of life, kago is like burned paper.

            what does maro have to offer kago?
            a chance getting in the busyness again? hell no lol
            kago just got a bittersweet smile out of this and nothing more.

            women, always have a motive when communicating.
            escpecially famous people on twitter.
            maro got what she wanted. attention.
            and if you know maro, you know she loves attention

            • “women, always have a motive when communicating”
              Would you *please* just fuck off already?

              • lol what are you 12?
                havent you been in a relationship?
                or in the company of girls?
                never got fished for information when you thought you were just having a friendly conversation?

                everytime a woman talks to you, she wants something
                to entertain her, to be entertained by you, to flirt, to be mean just because, help with something, information etc etc
                the list goes on and on.

                but you ll grow up and realise this yourself

            • “but what has kago to offer maro?”

              “what does maro have to offer kago?”

              Hot sex, which is why they took the conversation private. (lol)

              Maybe they want to start a youtube channel together doing a “twins” gimmick?

            • men are so weird saying things like this. maro def had a motive, but women in general? sometimes we just like to talk because it’s fun, you know.

    • That “ehhhhhh” shows that she’s surprised that Kago was even reading. Maro never thought that someone like Kago would be following her Twitter. I don’t see any annoyance with the flow of twitters above.

  2. I always loved Kago-chan… and Maro is one of the most underrated artists… this is the chance for a new unit that actually might work… unlike girls beat… but it won’t happen .__. btw… do people still hate Kago for what she did? even after her suicide attempts and her struggle to put her life in order again?

    robokiss is one of my favorite songs… it’s one of these songs that are like a drug ^^

  3. This makes me so happy. W still shines so brightly in my heart. I would love to see Nyon hang out with Aibon. Aibon is improving her life for the better, and Nyon is smart enough to keep her nose out of danger.

  4. I missed the blue bits of Henkka lately.

    But I do have to wonder. Is Kago even above Kumaicho?

  5. TsujiKago is the exact ingredient missing from current MM. Everyone is too polished and polite on TV. Hopefully Utakata has set the stage for MM to open their doors for future gens like the terrible twins.

    • Now this could be my woefully wrong opinion but current MM wants to remain polished and polite in front of the public because of their ‘stoic, professional’ image, and they’re a lot more strict with the kouhai than we see in their blogs or the DVD magazines. I can’t imagine KagoTsuji in current MM with the shit they used to pull, especially on Yaguchi (punching her in the tummy and the crotch/stomach/back as a joke, calling her old, doing a kancho out of nowhere) just because she was “put in charge of them.” I mean they got along, but they did their own thing. That won’t fly in current MM.

      I just wonder if it’s a foundation 9ki came up with themselves or something Sayu taught the group as a whole.

      • that’s sooooo booooring!!!! i want a fun musume, this girls are like my age and yet they want to act like old ladies?? their problem :P I need 1000 times momusu style kagotsuji, for getting bored i already have school.

        • They already have two groups known for their youthful shenanigans: ANGERME and Country Girls

  6. So Kanon “Maro/Shinderera” Fukuda has betrayed Kumaicho? :O

    Seriously, I can’t… I admired you Maro… Wow… gulp

    lol. xD

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