5 comments on “What were the reactions like in 2001 when 3nin Matsuri’s “Chu! Natsu Party” was released?

  1. When H!P as a whole was at its peak and Tsunku had a lot more creative control musically.

    “I still remember how Ishibashi got all excited about them on Utaban and started dancing together with them.”

    TV was a lot different back then. If Ishibashi pulled the same stunt with teenaged idols today there’d be a call to have him fired and off television lol.

  2. Peak Tsunku/H!P wackiness between this song and “The Peace!” The days that I’d buy every damn shuffle single on principle…

  3. “Back then, I was listening to this while laughing ironically. But deep down, I kinda liked it. Even without the pink wigs it’s just an embarrassing song… but I just love it.”

    This is how I feel about H!P in general. A little embarrassing sometimes… but always super fun.

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