8 comments on “I’m a Morning Musume newbie. Where do I start?

  1. Must learn by heart the HP Constitution

    Article 1: Sayu is the cutest of all members
    Article 2: Even after her graduation, Sayu is still the cutest
    Article 3: If a super cute member joins, articles 1 & 2 still apply anyway

    Please join to write the Constitution. I am sure you guys have lots of funny ideas.

  2. 35: 名無し募集中。。。 2019/08/19(月) 13:09:01.35 0
    First, discipline yourself by becoming a Haga wota for three years.

    I really like Haga but this seems unnecessarily strict! XD

  3. Don’t be another who only follows Momusu.
    Honestly tho, newbies should read wiki’s and gradually make their way through music and go with the flow. Just don’t forget the past. Melon Kinenbi and Taiyou to Ciscomoon are great groups, and the MoBeKiMaSu days were magical.

    Just don’t be like I’m an X-member oshi before you even know about all the current groups. There’s a high chance you’ll get drawn in elsewhere; I was an Ikuta oshi for all of a few months before getting into S/mileage.

    • Giving other groups a chance is definitely a must!

      I love Momusu and Sayu is my favorite idol of all time.

      But, my favorite H!P group of all time is C-ute. Even now, their music means so much to me ♥️????

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