10 comments on “Ex-Morning Musume Linlin deeply moved after watching Music Station appearance

  1. Henkka, Chinese GAM sounds wonderful. — Except LinLin & JunJun doesn’t particularly like each other.

    It was brought up in their graduation DVD about 1hour in, JunJun admitted to her that she hated her at first and LinLin just kept munching away on the food; I found it very rude. And when JunJun was being so honest but LinLin couldn’t even go to that same level of honesty… I chose JunJun over LinLin in a heartbeat ever after. Though the only thing I really liked about LinLin back then was her singing voice and I was already in love with JunJun’s personality.

    Personally, I’d want them to come back to Japan if they were to ever become a duo. It’d be neater if they sang Japanese with some Chinese rather than Chinese with some Japanese.

  2. Of course it’s expected of Jun and Lin to have interest in the group, but the fact that they DO still blog about Morning Musuume (or even perform songs from H!P) is great.

    I wonder how long they both would have liked to stay in MM if they weren’t forced out by management.

    • It they weren’t forced out, you say.

      LinLin’s love for Morning Musume seems very very very strong. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she have stayed up to this day.

      JunJun, on the other hand, seems to be a girl who likes trying new things. Like, she’s an actress now. I think that she would have stayed a little longer and graduate some time after Niigaki’s graduation, or so.

  3. I can only imagine how loud the crowd would get if they made a surprise performance at a Hello Project concert.

  4. I love this cosplaying panda the most out of the 8th gen and the fact that she still supports and watches Momusu validates me picking her in my all time top 10 morning members… Wish she was at least still in japan so we came get a few cameos with the other OG members

  5. 18> my thoughts exactly. wotas should spam all OG’s blogs/tweeters with sexy mano news!

    hennka> i thought junjun aggressively ignores linlin after they graduated?

  6. Hmm I’m surprised at all the positive comments about the panda’s. Have the wota mellowed since they left or are these minority opinions?

  7. @Corby and @Blwatek: I was under the impression that they had to leave because their Visa’s were expiring, or something along those lines. It has happened to lots of foreigners who work in Japan, so it’s far from an isolated incident(although in this case it was certainly heart-breaking).

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