13 comments on “Thorough debate: was this action by Maimi really necessary?

  1. Leader is too smart for casual wota to reveal her motives. She’s done that to tame the Tyrant, so she’s be her loyal and won’t usurp all the power in H!P.

    • nope

      Maimi is too pure to scheme something like that
      Just pure help intention

      And you’re too naive if you think Tomo will fall for something like that

    • If anything, it was the Tyrant who engineered for that to happen so he can get closer to the leader and begin her ultimate scheme for establishing a Rose Quartz Tyranny over HP.

    • Mutiny won’t work with Maimi. She’ll be like ” So you want to have mutiny eh? Fine, but we must compete in sporting event ” The others will bow down in defeat and retreat behind the red line.

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