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  1. Myself, I had been a Kenshuusei for five years. There were times when I became sad, thinking to myself just what those five years had meant. “Am I the same as someone with no experience at all?”

    I guess one thing 5 years as an Egg won’t teach is tact.

    • Yep. She’s great. Anyone who is turned off by her because of these threads just isn’t cut out to be a Maro wota. You just don’t have what it takes.

  2. “I’m always around the other members, but I didn’t get into this world to play friends with them, and even if we’re on good terms, in the end they’re just my work colleagues. So getting the chance to be around the people from my hometown who I consider my true friends really soothes me.”

    All I can say is Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn!

    • You know, I’m not that into Maro, but I like that at least she’s honest about this part of the idol world… I know lots of us love the combis and couples which are formed in HP groups (like say KameShige), but the reality is probably that it’s just like any job any of us may have. We don’t hang out with all of our co-workers all day, every day and neither do the girls in HP, even though it may seem they are always around each other having fun.

      • It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy isn’t it. You go into it thinking “Oh this is just a job I’m not gonna make real friends” and surprise surprise, you leave without friends. Conversely you look at many of the previous members in HP who managed to stay in touch even after graduation which shows that it is possible to make true friends even in this industry.

    • Maro seems to like Ikuta though, have another look at the beginning of the video where they draw cards to see who gets solos and such at the hinafest.

  3. One can see her frustration. She should be huge! A superstar! She knows it, I know it, you all know it yet…………

    At least there’s that one guy who posts “Maro is cute” in every thread.

  4. “I want to become the Maro of the World.
    Right now I’m just Saitamaro.”

    I’m starting to understand the desire to give her a good spanking. You know she would love it.

  5. I don’t know what to think of her anymore. Crazy? Genius? Crazy genius? I doubt there will ever be a good answer.

  6. I’ve been craving some more Maro antics (and rereading old Maro threads) recently, and now we get a superthread full of Maro translations! It’s like Christmas came early and Maro put coal in everyone’s stockings.

    8: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/01/06(火) 01:49:10.46 0.net
    Wait, what did she do? Flip everyone off and spit into the audience or something?

    Can this be a new Angerme concert gimmick? I feel like the Maro wota would eat this up.

  7. I think that Maro is becoming more unstable due to Riro going on hiatus next month. She’s even cheating on Riro with Muro. (Even Saro is upset at this.)

  8. man, it’s so very hard to say if this is just all a character or if this is the real her… It may all be the one and the same at this point…

  9. What a bothersome one.

    Entertaining, yes, but still bothersome.

    I mean, I can handle “annoying”, just different types of it…

  10. 118: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/02/06(金) 00:22:25.32 0
    Oh god. Did someone give her a manual on how to do one-click frauds? (laughs)

    140: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/02/06(金) 00:57:25.87 0
    Maro the SEO idol.

    I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing! xDDD Such a great read! And I’m glad you’re finally doing 2ch translations. I hope that you might pick up the recent Producer Maachan thread in the future. *keeping my fingers crossed*

  11. This girl is a riot!! his is why I love maro. Henkka please do more, they’re just fun to read

  12. Unfounded speculation time!

    As we all know, if placed right one dominoe can knock down two, and those two, four, those four, eight, and so on…

    And what was that first dominoe? That one note in “Yume Miru 15” that they had so much trouble with. It seemed that two out of three times they couldn’t do it cleanly at all. Heck, it doesn’t sound right to me in the studio version.

    And so now Maro holds a grudge because Tsunku won’t admit that he never should have put the damn note in there in the first place.

  13. Is maybe the reason she is such a troll…is because she hangs out far too much on Ookami?

    Sayu became a massive troll too, as she grew up… she had a bit more tact with her trolling, though.

    Trolling and acting negatively is pretty much the general custom on Ookami… and Sayu and Kanon are known to be avid lurkers of that site, right?

    Are there any other H!P members that are known to lurk Ookami?

  14. Looking at old Maro threads to see where she went wrong… it’s just depressing…
    The “Girls who pretend they have a mental illness are even more bothersome than the girls who actually do” also hits different… I wish her the best, seriously… shit is messed up

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