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  1. I always said that Maa-chan is genius, but I never take it seriously
    However, after I read this topic, I have to say “Maa-chan is really genius”
    This girl is so special beyond what I expected

    Thanks for your translation

  2. Imagine how awesomely weird Hello Project would be if Maa-chan were running it.

    At the very least, Tsunku♂ should hire her to make the next rhythm game.

  3. 32. 名無しさん@ハロプロキャンバス 2015年02月08日 14:56 ID:I3U531IB0
    At any rate, there was a time when I felt slightly worried that Maa-chan might end up graduating without ever really fully blossoming, but I see now that she’s already begun showing signs of her genius. Amazing.

    I still fear this might happen, or that something like Kago-syndrome might come upon her. But right know I feel she is srsly beyond me!
    Maachan, no matter what, from now on you’ll have my eternal trust. Yume Miru Maachan 15-sai.

  4. Riho may be the famous center and Sakura is known as the diva, but Maachan is H!P’s revolutionary.
    (I was going to say ultimate/secret weapon, but everyone already knows that. Also, she’s not just a weapon, she is a Creator.)

  5. Remember when everyone was calling her stupid for her test scores? 17/100 best of the year or something.
    I’m pretty sure that was just a case of, “This doesn’t interest me, so I’m not going to do it.”

  6. I bet she got spanked by her management later on.. They’ll be like.. ” Didn’t we told you to play the dumb chara you little **** ? ” and she will be like ” But I.. But I.. They’re the one who posted it online! Not me? ” and the management will be like ” Now you must pay… ” *spanks*

  7. Thanks for this epic post, translation genius Henkka

    Seriously, if it wasn’t due to management’s favoRihotism, Maachan could have been the real ace by now.

  8. OMG, the comparision with Nodame is so accurate!!
    “As expected of the girl who’s called the ultimate weapon of H!P.
    I hope the office raises her with proper care.”

  9. Some girls in H!P want to be Kirari from Kirarin Revolution. Maa-chan wants to be Sana from Kodoma no Omocha.

  10. I always know she contains a lot ot artist/ musician instinct and has skills to deliver. But I dont know how much she knows them theoretically. Knowing that she can compose something at the age of 15 makes me really proude of her. Not mentioning how carring senpai she is.

    This girl is not only the special one for H!P, but for entire universe of idol since it has begun.

  11. wow, maachan mastermind ace,,

    now im hoping she will takeover H!P music production in the future :D

  12. Mixing assistant: Maybe if we lowered the bass and adjusted the…
    Tsunku: We tried all that stuff, it didn’t work, we’re missing something I just don’t know…
    Mixing assistant: Well, what do we do? Go to New York?
    Tsunku: No…Maa-chan’s house.
    Mixing assitant: Oooooohhhh Nnnooooo!
    Tsunku: I know.

    • I think it’d be more like the story of the shoemaker and the elves. The producers would be struggling with a song, and, while they’re sleeping, Maa-chan would sneak into the studio at night to fix it up.

  13. Woah. Yeah, there’s not much else for me to say about this.

    > eventually creating between them a rivalry not unlike Lennon-McCartney.

    I once had this vision of looking at the back of an H!P CD and seeing the writing credits for all the songs given in that style… I have now recognized that my prediction for the specific names was way off though.

  14. I had no idea. I thought she was just an eccentric girl. I have a new found interest in Masaki based on this.

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    • But no one, particulatly a figure like Tsunku, will ever acknowledge your shit music instinct; and no one will ever assign you, like MM management, to compose and burn CD of your musical piece of shit to teach rhythm to a generation of idols.

      Meanwhile, Maachan.

  16. That’s my oshimen for you! ^^
    Thanks for the translation, Henkka! Maa-chan has been quiet lately, I missed her.

  17. “It’s a tradition that started with Nakazawa throwing her chopsticks, way back when.”

    Hey, what is it?

  18. I find Maa-chan extremely irritating but I’ve got to admire her for this :P

    Producer: Michishige Sayumi
    Composer: Sato Masaki
    Lyricist: Sato Masaki (Translator: Kodama Ameko)


  19. I m pretty sure out of all posts }3 is closer to the truth.
    Something like ma’s going tontokaton over and over.
    I think she might be an autistic.
    Maybe even autistic savant. Something is very off with her.
    I can’t help but laugh at all the wotas making her out to be some super genius.

  20. and 4 years laters(from this thread posted) she already showcasing one of her song

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