3 comments on “Matsuura Aya “Aya & Ayaya” interview (Part One)

  1. Thanks for this! Ayaya is the best, and it’s too bad her career started just before the era of the solo idol ended. She really was born to be an idol.

  2. Oh my days, Aya’s family dynamics are something else aren’t they, fun to imagine her position.

    [Matsuura: Also… Let’s see… When she was in elementary school, my little sister came home crying one day, saying this one boy had been bullying her. So I went and took revenge for her. “Where is he?!” “He’s walking home…” “Come with me!” So we ran up to him and I went, “just what do you think you’re doing?!” Then we went home — after I’d given him a good punch.]

    Sukeban really are my kind huh

  3. This was an interesting read. It seems like we learned more about her family than about her career! Thanks Henkka!

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