6 comments on “Goto Maki: “I hate you, you know.” Matsuura Aya: “I hate you, too.”

  1. On that Nochiura Natsumi episode of Utaban the first question that was asked was “Do you three have a good relationship together?” The girls just laughed. :D

  2. There’s a video somewhere of Yaguchi and Yasuda gossiping and telling inside stories of H!P. It was made about 10 -12 years ago. They say that Matsuura and Abe disliked each other so much that they wouldn’t even greet each other. But when they were put in Def Diva, they decided to be friends since they would be together so much. So its kind of interesting that Matsuura also didn’t get along with Goto. Wonder if she saw Matsuura and Abe as rivals.

  3. They made beautiful music together. I would have loved to be in a studio, or night club, listening to them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That duet of “Memory seishun no hikari” is soooo damned good, and I always got the vibe that there was some serious not-so-friendly competition happening there. Poor Maki never had a chance, though, as Ayaya calmly and surgically destroys her, even while mostly singing harmonies.

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