19 comments on “People who are turned on by girls’ armpits

  1. This is unironically a really great thread! I bet they all smells like fruits and flowers, except Funachan’s and Yanamin’s…. probably smells like strawberry milk and baby powder.

  2. lol, true pit lovers admire hairy pits. Shaved pits are junior varsity…

    Ive never paid any attention to the pits of any of the H!P girls because I just assumed they are shaved. No thanks, Ill just worship the regular gravure idols…

  3. >>63

    Is Kasahara shorter than Funaki, or is it just the way the picture is taken that makes it look that way? Being shorter than Funaki is hard to imagine–fun, but hard to imagine.

    • It’s perspective. The camera is closer to Funaki and Kasahara is behind and off to an angle.

      Kasahara is much taller than Funa-chan.

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