22 comments on “Nakanishi Kana (18): “Let’s take a bath together.” Little brother (7): “Well, I mean, I’m okay with it if you are.” (+1)

  1. Well a couple of years from now when Nakanishi-bro hits his puberty he’ll be begging to go with her sister.

  2. I really cant believe these reports about nakanishi, meimei momochi.
    I treat them as marketing as usual (“lets fuel the imagination of the wota, it can only lead to more profit”)
    as for the sauna incident, some women, most ? Really hate it when you “take away” their main source of power in life, their sex appeal. Denying their “goods” shakes up their whole value system. In their minds they think “if i m not desired as a female, what good am i? Worthless”

  3. I think wotas would even get like 10x crazier if there’s a story about H!P member take a bath with her older brother…. is there?

  4. Okay, I’ve image-searched and failed. Can anyone tell me what’s written on that box in the first picture?

  5. Really they have a great sense of family united – I ever admire to Tamura and watch to her as a example of artist

  6. Times like this when I wish I was Fukumura Mizuki’s little brother. I wouldn’t ever miss the chance to take a bath with her.

  7. “Just let me bathe with someone — I don’t even care if it’s with Take-chan.”
    — I would a takechan too.

    Also I’ve never seen either of my grandmas naked. I’m fine with that.

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