11 comments on “Kudo Haruka: “I still like the smell of my dad’s pillow.”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever made the effort of smelling anyone’s pillow. 0_o

  2. I don’t know what to think about this hahaha
    but, girls like the scent of men’s perfume
    Maybe it’s the case (;^_^)

  3. What an odd theory. It seems perfectly natural to me that someone would enjoy or find some kind of ease of mind in the smell of a parent (that they have positive feelings toward). Smell is often used by mammals to identify one another after all, and is one of the strongest memory triggers in people.

  4. When I went on a two-week long school trip to Europe, I brought a shirt of my dad’s along to keep over my pillow. When I got homesick, I hugged and smelt the pillow, and I calmed down after my brain recognized the scent as my father’s! Maybe Kudo brings something like that along on tours?

  5. Idols are basically not allowed to be sexual beings, so I find this “immature thinking” for lack of a better term unsurprising.
    You translated a thread about Tamura Meimei also bathing with her dad into her teens. I think お父さん is お父さん is お父さん.

    Though admittedly, I’ve seen Japanese girls treats their relationship more familial than romantic, even if they were never idols…

  6. Kudo : “I’m always daddy little girl”

    “daddy little girl”

    Shit, I watch too much porn.

  7. I am so thankful for the very strong relationship I have with my daughter. Lots and lots of time was invested in her childhood activities. It has paid off in spades! Today I get to live it all over again with two wonderful grand-daughters. We still do family vacations together!

    Japanese have different traditions and perspectives than what Western culture allows. In many ways the Japanese have it better.

    I am so going to miss Duu when she graduates.

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