15 comments on “Random guy on street calls Kudo cute; guy’s girlfriend gets angry at him (+1)

  1. @Henkka you are on a roll today…. pls post more erotic, taboo topics…

  2. rivia: 90% of Kudo’s male fanbase have larger breasts than her.

    HAHAHAHA. nice observation indeed!

  3. “320: Kudo, please don’t steal the homewrecker character from Oda-chan.”,

    Homewrecker character? Can anyone please explain what is this all about?

  4. With the a few exceptions, most H!P girls have no boobs anyway. So Kudu is right at home with her fellow members.

  5. I wonder if Duu went to work without any facemask or hat to hide her face for the couple to notice her. Most Japanese idols or celebrities hide their face with facemask and/or big hat to hide themselves to the public.

  6. > (Note: for scientific reference, here’s also Kanatomo.)

    …oh. Thank you, Henkka.

  7. Du is not my type… if she grows her love melons a bit… i might consider her in about 10 years from now when I am done with Sayu and Mizuki….. Du is so boy like; it would be fun to bang her ass mercilessly… too young; maybe ten years from now I will make her bums sore with my hard burning love….

    I just hope she grows up into a fine boy…

  8. Haha, Duu the Homewrecker but can she compete with somebody who actually fills out their supsenders… Oda is going to be the cause of alot of breakups

    25: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/07/05(土)00:29:20 ID:???
    Duu: ││
    Oda-chan: ( )

    Too Funny

  9. At least Haruka does still have a couple years left. It took me until I was about 17 for my boobs to get to their complete size.

    I’d forgotten how charming Duu is. She kinda fell off the radar after Wakuteka Take a Chance.

  10. 8: “Sayu only violates girls with her eyes”

    I’m sure all the 9-10-11kkies disagree.

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