51 comments on “Kudo Haruka: “I wouldn’t want to be seen naked next to someone like Ayapan.”

  1. So… which group would you want to see only in their socks?

    Me personally want to see Angerme because they have interesting variety of body types from slender Ayacho, meaty Take, and “Oh god, this is so wrong but can’t help to enjoy it.” Funaki.

    By the way that question is for straight dudes only. No offense to all the women and gays here.

    Peace and Respect.

  2. Lol, Loverin doesn’t have big breasts, she just wished she had and is doing shit to her bra to make it look a bit bigger it’s easy to tell by some of the things she wears.

  3. As a Fuku-chan oshi, I’d be really sad if she lost her title in that category lol
    Feels like Ayapan’s are bigger from looking at pictures, but I don’t want to accept it…
    I’ll just wait for a photobook, I guess

    • You do know that Fukumura wasn’t no1 while Zukki was still in the group. She even mentioned that Zukki was bigger then her.

      • Zukki was obese, what’s your point?

        She just had bigger everything, not attractive at all. Unless you’re into fat girls, that is…

        • She was never obese. The level of activity she does prevents her from becoming that. Not everyone who isn’t a stick is obese. Please learn exactly what it is to be obese first before you comment nasty things.

          And in relation to said comment, wouldn’t Hirose be considered Obese? Takeuchi? Takagi? Wada Sakurako? Okai? Sudo? Nakajima? All girls who have/had obvious weight issues and are not the standard “stick” thin type.

          It’s people like you who consider girls with curves to be “obese” and spreading such nasty comments over the net that make it had for those who relate to these girls feel bad about themselves.

          By the way, I’m the one who wrote that comment, I’m also a new mother to a beautiful baby girl who is struggling to lose the baby weight which is why I was unable to sign my name to it (crying baby and all). I was a stick until I hit my teens and gained curves in all the right places. I was never as active as these girls but my side in the world was considered “fat” (UK size 12). At my current size (UK 14) I am not nor have I ever been considered “obese” and Zukki is a lot smaller than me.

          • Relax, it’s not the end of the world to be fat or obese. Just stop eating so much crap if you don’t want to be one.

            • Honestly, I do think that girls like Akane and Zukki got their chubbiness from what they eat, because I saw them eating and I don’t think if you have a sickness you could drop weight as quickly as Zukki, Takagi or Miki, but still you shouldn’t tell everyone that they should just eat less.

              I remember Maro eating nothing for days and Nakajima eating just salad for a while… I would say people like that who are already moving that much are just a bit unlucky when it comes to their metabolism and you better shouldn’t say so.
              Luckily for Nakajima, she said that when she gains weight she mainly hears that she is getting more sexy, which was helping her to ignore comments like “just eat nothing you whale” or “Just stop eating crap, I don’t believe you that you don’t eat that much!” “You don’t look anorexic to me, you must be healthy”.

              • Oh yeah, let them do it like Tanaka Reina who doesn’t eat for days and then binges sweets and eats nothing again until somebody tells her to just for the sake to stay at 36kg during MM (she was that weight and complained gaining some since then).

                Must be so healthy, that’s why she always says she doesn’t like to move around and her metabolism is crap.

                Must be so healthy, can be seen even more so in K-Pop idols who develop several eating disorders, muscle losses, water in their legs, stiffness, mental illnesses, invisible, genetically seen faster aging (Eunjung) and plenty other problems obviously linked to malnutrition for years and for many former idols of the past, obesety of today because they never ate properly and overdid their sports pensum for years.

                This is what Ogata Haruna was scared of. But luckily most people tell her it’s better that she’s a bit chubby now rather than anorexic…
                cuz she could’ve died, you realise that??? That’s why she gained it all back so fast. Just uneducated people think everybody just needs to eat less. Many eat to little as well.

          • No offense to you Kira, I think you have some good points here, but I don’t think you British and American people should talk about what’s normal sized. Because mostly when these people end up talking with Asian and European people, it seems like because of your higher general weight, you can barely tell what is normal weight and what not.
            On YouTube there are several American commenters who think the average American isn’t obese and had just muscles, when tecnically they are barely away from that and lol muscles sorry but who has 10kg of muscles that look like fat tissues. That’ bulls.

            Actually some people here think she is quite chubby.
            Not skinny but not fat either is rather other people you named like Nakajima, Oden, Kasahara, Okai, Oda, Fukumura, Ogata Haruna, lately Haga again who are mostly over the ideal weight ( your height – 100 – 10%.) but just slightly over the Japanese average or even a bit under, but not much.

      • Ah I see. I thought it was underwear as in panties. When I listen to it they said “Shitagi”,

        If it is shitagi, the shirt samurai wears.. WTF Airi, that make even less sense than panties!

  4. At Kudo’s birthday fan club event, Kudo, Iikubo, and Ogata performed as “AAA” doing Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! BOMB GIRL.

    • …. I saw a picture of them wearing shirts with A’s on it and I thought it was cause all their first names end with A… Now it makes sense lmao.

  5. Airi… It doesn’t helps when you remember about that story when they was in the same hotel room chatting (or something like this), then they take their clothes off and started to compare their bodies LOL.

  6. Yep, Airi was totally the one who would go out with just socks. That’s why she asked the question, cause she’s looking for someone else the same!!

  7. I can only imagine Airi writing this question…while wearing her socks and a satisfied grin (*´ཀ`*)

  8. Maria is to big boobs as Triple Baconators with a side of fries are to healthy foods.

    Even Fukumura’s boobs are just made to look bigger by camera angles and padded bikinis. Japanese people’s idea of large breasts is really saddening…having to live in a country where B-cups are counted as big.

    • Believe it or not but besides USA, OZ and GB which have the most fatass people ever usually people don’t consider double D’s to be a normally decent big size of tits. They are usually a rarity, has nothing to do with Japan that all you people over there are some big fatasses.

  9. Hello pro should engage me as a consultant. I know of many ways to naturally enlarge the girls cup size.

  10. “Have there ever been H!P members who are both skinny and also have boobs? ”

    wasn’t that basically the concept of v-u-den?

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