19 comments on “Taguchi Natsumi disses Hirose Ayaka on stage

  1. I think I’m in the minority by saying I find her face is her best asset. I think she’s irresistibly cute.

  2. To be honest I didn’t even notice her boobs. It’s her voice that drew me in.

    But yeah, these are bigger than your average H!P bust.

  3. holy crap… I didn’t even notice… I was just paying attention to her beautiful voice!

    yay – cynism (\^^/)

    no seriously… I love her and Rei’s voice… Kobushi is really exciting right now! the new single is different but I really like this change of course…

  4. What drew me to Hirose is just how cool she is. In my opinion, she’s got the coolest image of any idol. It’s almost intimidating! Plus, she’s leader of a very promising group.

  5. I honestly have never even noticed her boobs until other people pointed it out. I like her for her voice and overall presence but I think she’s lovely physically as well :) It’s kind of gross to see people just talking about her boobs even if it’s a joke…

  6. I don’t find her cute and I hadn’t realize her big boobs either.
    Anyways, it’s true that she DOES get cute when you stare at her longer.

    It’s normal for girls to tease you a lot when you got bigger boobs than anybody else. It gets a lot of attention that you, yourself, lol.

  7. Mizuki is laughing…. she is currently the raining boob queen of Hello Project. They are both lovley singers though, will be a sad day when they graduate.

    • I thought the “boob queen” was Uemuu now.

      (They’re smaller than Mizuki’s, but Wota forget really quickly.)

  8. I don’t understand the people who say they hadn’t noticed her boobs. How can one not notice?! :D

  9. Well She is pretty and has good voice but in this song only I was waiting the Ayaka’s bounce, now need listen only audio

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