21 comments on “Taguchi Natsumi gets into fight with her family; leaves house at 11 PM

  1. Fans are so nice! they were fast to offer a place to sleep to their Idol, xD

    I don’t understand how having an argument with your family and leaving is childish. That’s what people do all their life, it doesn’t matter how mature they are. People who never engage in an argument and get angry are not more mature, they are just afraid of conflict.

    • Yeah, we promote the idea that those who flee during/after an argument are immature ’cause they don’t wanna lose (the fight), or they want attention from others to make them feel like they were in the right.

      But in reality, it’s normally a very healthy thing for all involved. Instead of letting bad emotions foster and the fight/argument running out of topics to the point of hurting those involved, it allows a quick departure from the scenario that allows people to calm down and let things process. During the heat of an argument, we truly do lean towards not actually listening to the other person because we’re only getting more and more worked up.

      Plus, these kinda vague posting is a form of self-therapy. Talking about things is a mature way to go about something stressing you. Over-the-top, nonstop whining ain’t, but this kinda post is very much a fine way to calm down some and not feel quite so alone at the moment.

  2. Yes she left the house after an argument. I have to say, however, I was very impressed by her thought processes. She is smart and more mature than I expected.

    Maybe I need to pay more attention to her!

    • Sometimes it’s also smart to just leave and give everyone (both you and the other side) a chance to cool down. Having fights is natural, yes, but fights can escalate to a point where they do more harm than good. When you reach that point, it’s better to take a break.

  3. Nah leaving the house is probably the smart adult thing to do.. Dont stick around and escalate the situation, separate from everyone so everyone can calm down…

    She is my favorite Kobushi though, things like this are probably why i like her… She really doesn’t have a filter or an ability to be concede defeat and ignore

  4. It’s better than yelling at each other or throwing things or even getting into fist fights, definitely.

    Just make sure you’re safe out there, Gucchi!

  5. 9: “I’m gonna go out to Saitama to look for her.”

    Please don’t, if some middle-aged guy goes to look for her, she might call the police. You’ll only trouble her more.

    51: “Hirose as the leader needs to go out and look for her.”

    This is better~ :good:


    3. “Zero censorship, huh.”

    Yeah, it is kind of surprising how a post like this was allowed…

    170: “Just a quick, casual blog post — while running away from home.”


    I feel bad for Tagucchi, though.

  6. Awww I feel bad for her, it might be her been rebellious but it may also be a pretty serious discussion, anyway hoping if was just a normal argument and not that she is going through a difficult family time.

    And yes with Momona I was like so cute she really is a big child, but with Tagucchi it felt more serious

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