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  1. long white neck and chin dimple
    swan like
    i m surprised to read all this comments that agree
    i had this impression thats she s a no-nonsence professional, “money on my mind” type “mercenary” like momochi sort o speak
    and the comments speak of extreme shyness (whot?) and “good girl” and “thinking of others” stuff….
    not the picture of her i have in my mind at all

  2. Erina is very fascinated by the breasts of other H!P members. There are numerous pictures that have caught Erina’s line of sight directly scoping out another member’s chest.

    Erina has many girlfriends in H!P (besides Niigaki Risa): Fukumura Mizuki (PonPon), Iikubo Haruna (Honeypon), Nakanishi Kana, and Yoshizawa Hitomi.

  3. ^Don’t forget Ayumi Ishida, the other half of the Suberis AND who acts all jealous whenever she’s around PonPon.

    As an Eripon wota, EXTREMELY HUGE THANKS to you Henkka for translating all this. You made my week.

  4. – she wants to have long hair but always ends up with a short haircut… but it totally suits her ^^
    – her drive in golf is amazing!
    – her KY personality is really cute…
    – at one point of her life she was obsessed with the manga “prince of tennis” and wanted to learn tennis… she ended up playing golf because of her father
    – Eripon participated in a show called “karada wo ugokasu TV” (move the body TV) and she did well in all sports…
    – she wants to show her recently learned somersaults but it’s too dangerous on stage with high heels, so she does backflips instead…

    and I have to agree with Maa-chan… people who don’t see the kindness in Eripon are indeed fools… there’s a specific person I want to address… I won’t name any names, though – you all know who it is :)

    • I almost forgot…

      Henkka, do you know the show (Comment 151) where they jump rope? it’s probably a show with Hamada-san and Matsumoto-san… but I can’t find it :( サキガケMUSIC doesn’t exist…

    • Haha, I thought of the same exact person too. If it was in Maa-chan’s blog, that person might have already read it then, that is if he does read her blogs of course.

      This translation has also made my week. It is good though, Eripon has gained a lot more fans lately and it is very deserving of her to gain these many fans. <3

  5. She was of the two that helped Sakura in her first months, I especially remember this happening after Sakura cried in concert and said she felt lonely. She’s definitely kind.

    She looks so much better with brown/long hair though.

  6. I visited Ikuta thread the other day and I was like, “wow, what a good thread to be in/read”
    What makes me appreciate and love Ikuta is her fans. Just like her, they are so refreshing to hear. The thing about her is that she started from scratch and is continuously working hard, that makes all the comments her nothing but supporting and encouraging. It made her fans love simply for what she is and see positively no matter where she is (standing on back or center). There are no expectations, no criticism. It’s overwhelmingly great.

    Thanks Ikuta fans. She had a star quality that would have shined had she been somewhere else than momusu.

  7. 487: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/03/01(火) 12:00:31.91 0.net
    How she had her nails done the same way as Sayashi at her Countdown graduation concert. I’d think it was Ikuta who painted both their nails. And I like how neither Ikuta or Sayashi said anything to bring attention to the matter.

    I’ve always wondered about this relationship outside of the group… There are moments when it seems like they are genuinely close and that they are acting like they arent just cause neither are the type to gloat or feel the need to bring attetion to it… I think Pin Pon Dash may have a been a legitimate OTP…

    • IkuSaya / Pin Pon Dash is probably one of the most popular pairings on Twitter and 2ch. They’re not touchy feely nor do they publicly appeal to how good of friends they are, which I’ve noticed has made Western fans think that they’re on really bad terms.

  8. Erina looks super cool when she plays golf.
    I also appriciate Erina for having something else to do outside of being an idol.

  9. Ikuta has never been my kind of idol, as she’s the pushy, a bit annoying idol. But her behind the scenes persona is amazing.

    • Since becoming sub-leader, she’s toned down that part of her idol character quite a bit though.

  10. Think about this; if it wasn’t for Tsunku’s 9th Generation surprise, Ikuta Erina would likely be the Leader right now.

    • In my alternate timeline fan-fic, Rose Quartz is the 9th generation surprise, so she would be the leader now!

      • That would be really surprising, since Mizuki was a surprise entry since she was one of the eggs and Tomoko didn’t become a trainee until 2002. However, all is fair in fan fics!

        To me the biggest surprise of 9th gen was the large gap in average age between gen 9 (avr age 13) and the rest of morning musume (21+). If they were going to get an egg I thought for sure it would be Kikkawa Yuu who was Aika’s age and could have helped the newbs get up to speed. (Fortunately, Aika was a great middle manager.)

        A lot of people were shocked that the shin mini moni kids (Karin and Oden) got shut out. Fortunately, they eventually did well for themselves and seem to be having fun.

        Another girl who I was hoping for (but probably wasn’t ready skill-wise) was Mori Saki. Again, fortunately, she did well for herself and seems to be having fun.

  11. Not a huge Erina fan, but she’s developed into a very solid part of Morning Musume. It really seems she’s become a key leader behind the scenes and a very reliable senpai. She’s really become the Gaki of the lineup in some ways.

    Ironic that the AKB wota has become such a key member of MM

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