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  1. Meimi still bathe with her father

    Momochi made Tom Cruise laugh once

    Michishige once said “I’m cute” in English to Nicholas Cage which he replied “That’s very modest of you”

    Rina of Camouflage is Kana’s sister.

  2. I really want some context on Meimi putting ham in a cd player.
    Also, is there footage of Maimi carrying the bicycle up the stairs? I feel like that would be very peaceful to watch.

    Also also, in the picture that follows 37 Haruna looks like she’s texting somebody about being forced to hang out with her lame little sister.

    • episodes 48-53 of HelloPro! Time had footage of Maimis bicycle adventure, with the temple stair climbing in #53. It was a very good tv show and has most of the episodes subtitled if you’ve never seen it.

  3. #226 and #260
    Really? Please give me link of the source!

    I’m thinking Ikuta would stand out so much because she’s the type who’d be flashy and carries a confident air around her… compared to Riho who’d be a beast on stage but completely shy while not on it, not to mention Suzuki who’d run away if even call her cute.

    In reality, those who have guts stand out a lot and survive huh?

    And i’m really curious about the momochii one. I don’t get it if it’s Fuku.

  4. cant believe oden is maimis cousin
    but ayumin is from sendai
    i think the earthquake affected poor ayumin
    she just saves to save
    never know when an earthquake coming

  5. For several years after Gotou Maki went on hiatus she would play the online game Monster Hunter up to 60 hours a week.

    Ogawa Makoto, while she was in the M-Club, was a featured player on a NHK kids show.

    Tanaka Reina was going to simply retire after she graduated from Morning Musume but was talked out of it by Tsunku who set her up with her own rock group.

    Kumai Yurina is admired by her followers for her inability to tell an interesting story.

    Fukuta Kanon is admired by her followers for her ability to piss them off.

    Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika fronted a Goth Rock band.

    Konno Asami is on television all the time now as a news announcer.

    Qian Lin (Lin Lin), formally of Morning Musume, is now an idol producer in China.

  6. watch this:


    Mami (Scandal’s Lead Guitarist) is a H!P wota and she’s always loved Maro and Sayumi… she’s so adorable when she talks about it… Mami kinda made me love H!P… about her being friends with H!P members sounds strange ^^ because she’s very shy and it took all her courage to ask Maro for this picture… maybe I’ll ask her in a few months when they come to Germany XD VIP tickets yahoooiii!

  7. I thought Maimi and Take being cousins was better known. Maimi doesn’t get headaches huh, boy that must be great.

  8. 261: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/01/31(日) 21:45:14.19 0.net
    – Fukumura once caught a crab, named it and made it her pet.

    Misread is a misread.

  9. The mother of them all: the Nakazawa Yuko Banana’s rule.

    (Nakazawa Yuko, the ultimate sempai, not only hates bananas, she forbids other members to eat bananas in front of her. Even simply muttering the word “banana” can send her into fury, so all HP members are very careful to make their environment banana-free each time Nakazawa is scheduled to appeared. But to most HP members relief, Nakazawa is more or less unavailable since she became a mother. I guess the poor kid will have to wait until majority before knowing what a banana looks like.)

  10. – All members of UPUPGIRLS are former H!P Eggs. They are known as the lucky 7.
    – Former H!P Eggs leader, Noto Arisa aka Nocchi is leader of anisong group StylipS. She is also a choreogrpaher now in addition to being a voice actor.
    – Reina, Nocchi, Misawa Sachika (Kuroyukihime of Accel World), Ogura Yui (of YuiKaori) all workerd on anime mini series, Kaito Reinya.
    – Sengoku Minami became the 8th Berryz member for the Berryz stage play Berryz vs Berrys.
    – Former H!P Egg Maeda Irori aka Irorin is now a solo idol and had been quite successful, as far as soloist are concerned.
    – Berryz Kobo members was suppose to rotate among the H!P Kids but became a fixed group after the overwhelming response from fans. The remaining H!P Kids were then known as the leftovers which then became C-ute.
    – Former C-ute member Kanna is an active stage play actress.
    – Former C-ute member Erika is a model.

  11. – Momoko never takes selfies, often ask to be censored on member’s blog pictures or simply doesn’t allow to publish them.
    – For unknown reason she’s affraid to show her forehead.
    – She hates pets.
    – She got a teacher license.
    – She’s Buono! Leader, CG Playing Manager, and self proclaimed Leader of Berryz Koubou and True Leader of H!P.
    – She holds the record of singles released within H!P.

    • Just a question, for anyone really: Why does Momoko not allow pictures and such? Or for her peer admirers to not get close to her? I understand it said it would be bad for their fans, but in what way?

      • momoko is the “profesional” type of idol
        no games, strictly busyness
        that said, she is not going to give free pictures
        i think in her mind “if you want my pictures, attend my events and buy them, buy my photobooks”
        thats all really

          • that thing about “secrecy” is just an excuse
            a lot of idols blog and post pics and you just find out what they were doing for maybe 20 minutes of a given day (example eating icecream somewhere)
            i really do think momo just things “if i dont get paid for it, why post it?”
            she get s a lot of publicity from tv shows, she s been to so many of them and she gets paid to be there…so why blog or post pictures for free?
            i think this is all there is

            • Guys, we could easily make this into a new drinking game: just take a sip of whatever it is you’re drinking whenever baskervill says something that makes him come off as a fucking idiot.

              On second thought, nah, let’s not. Most of us would be dead of alcohol poisoning before the next post.

              • He makes me miss that other guy that used to post overly sexualized comments…can we trade Baskervill for him?

                At least I could get a decent laugh out of that other guy’s posts…

              • Have my babies Nakadashi-kun!

                Glad to see you’re still around ^_^

              • @Aspenth,

                Of cos I still lurk around here now and then. Just that Henkka’s recent posts somehow wasn’t inspiring enough for me to put out a filthy comment,

                Other than that, I’ve been busy working multiple jobs. Child support’s such a bitch. I guess I deserved it for acting on my impregnation fetish.

              • Nakadashi-kun, is it because of your child support that you can’t afford therapy?

              • @Anon-kun,

                Gee, what do YOU think? If I had to work 2 jobs to ensure I have food to eat after a huge chunk of it goes to child support, what makes you think I could afford therapy?! Duhh!!!

            • I think there are somethings you need to know about Tsugunaga Momoko, Baskervill:

              Momoko is an extremely athletic, extremely smart young lady who created a character “Momochi” who is narcissistic, stupid, and uncoordinated. The Momochi character is very in demand and has appeared on countless variety shows. Even when Momoko was made “player manager” of Country Girls she changed absolutely nothing about her Momochi character.

              When Momoko is on camera she is playing her character. If candid pictures of her got out where she was not playing the Momochi character it would hurt her image so she fiercely protects herself off screen.

              • dude…
                its not a chara….thats momochi. maybe not 100% momochi, but at least 70%.
                extremely athletic? nope.
                stupid??? wth? nowhere does she appear as “stupid”. not in variety shows, not in regular hello pro videos, not in specials.
                NOWHERE does momochi appear stupid.
                uncoordinated? dude….have you been following momochis work? where does she appear uncoordinated on purpose? link 2 videos please where she appears as the boke.
                everything i ve seen of her is either going full power to win a competition or playing “sweet frightened girl” after a surprise.

              • One of the reasons that Satoda Mai chose Momoko to be the player coach for Country Girls was that Momoko was so into “acting like an idol” all the time that she would not even walk normally but would take six inch baby steps all the time.

                As for being a boke, here is a random example: Country Girls were being interviewed and 12 year old Ozeki Mai refers to Momoko as a granny. Momoko gets mad and says that Satoda Mai was the granny before “realizing” that was a “stupid” thing to say.

  12. 79: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/01/31(日) 21:05:25.91 0.net
    Talking to Ayacho about pet dogs is not allowed.

    Im sorry but this one made me chuckle.. Poor Ayacho though

    – Ikuta used to be a AKB48 fan, she went to handshake events before she became an idol
    -Former Morning Member JunJun loves bananas so much that she would even steal them from little children
    -Sayu’s Usa-Chan peace pose was allegedly created by her legendary sister Aneshige
    -Kamei Eri used to be the gloomiest member in the group, she would hide by herself in the spaces between objects and walls
    -Murakami Megumi was the original center of C-ute long before Airi and Maimi, she “Graduated” after she was a hit with a scandal
    -Takahashi Ai is known for screaming like an old man when scared
    -Tsugunaga Momoko used to be one of the better athletes in all of H!P before she adopted her Momochi character… She used to score the highest among all the Kids in the Sports Festivals and won the Berryz Sports Challenge themed DVD Magazine with ease
    -Sashihara Rino is a huge H!P fan especially a Kumai and Kamei fan.. She used to be a part of Kumai’s fan club when she was little and one of her fan letters still exist to this day..
    -Tanaka Reina originally auditioned for the 5th gen Morning Musume and made it all the way to the finals before it was revealed she was actually under the minimum age and was disqualified
    -Natsuyaki Miyabi and Former Akb current NMB member Fujie Reina are cousins
    -Linlin is the 1st Hello Pro Egg to be promoted to Morning Musume and also the fastest to be promoted only spending 3 months as an egg. She was know an the pony tail girl cause fans didnt know who she was until she was promoted

  13. Tanaka Reina was the lead voice actress of Onegai My Melody Kirara.

    Kamei Eri was the lead voice actress of Jewelpet Twinkle☆.

    Kusumi Koharu was lead voice actress of Kirarin Revolution. Also appearing were Hagiwara Mai, Kikkawa Yuu, and Kitahara Sayaka.

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