49 comments on “Tell us something about yourself that doesn’t apply to any other H!P wota out there

  1. I’m also into classical music (mostly to early to post-Romantic), so >> 3 is definitely not the only one. :p

  2. since i’m surrounded by asian people who don’t even listen to music or only top10/trendy stuff, it would be less weird to tell them i look at cute japanese girls rather tell them what i really listen to… “angmoh” britpop music.

  3. Aside from Jpop, most of what I listen to is black metal. I know I’m not the only one though. I’ve bonded with a few others who are in the same position. Haha

  4. Beside H!P wota. i’m used to listen J-Rock/J-Alt bands. Also American/English Rock/Alternative bands.. So it’s a contrast world between Rock/Alternative & H!P world..

  5. I dance to h!p song.. my grandparents were behind me.

    I also listen to Instrumental Classical and Slipknot

    Sorry for bad english

  6. I [REDACTED] a [REDACTED] that lets [REDACTED]. Not that it has anything to do with H!P in any way…

    > Tsunku’s little brother.

    Deja vu? I feel like I’ve read that before. Maybe he posted about it in another thread long ago.

    Isn’t that like most of us?


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  8. I’m a Hello!Wota who had ever danced to Massara Blue Jeans on the beach with beach clothes
    And also had ever sung Tsunku’s Shoppai ne with a glass of pomegranate tea on my right hand

    Could it be… Morning Rescue lol that trolled me before Madoka series started being butched
    Like I didn’t? I just remembered with Nakazawa Yuko’s song, Urara. But indeed, I can’t stop screaming mutely “CHAYUUUUUU….”

    • I could be wota only if I live in Japan which would require good knowledge of language and some Japanese company to hire me which is between very unlikely to impossible in case of me. I can’t be wota in my country.

  9. No one knows I have Michael Monroe autograph on my wall next to Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa-photos. Sometimes I mistook him to Yossi.

  10. Risako was disgusted of me when I shook hands with her. Well, she must be disgusted with many fans but the difference is that I’m not a stereotypical wota (old bald man), I’m a teen girl.

    • Did you by any chance wear a shirt with Kanji written on it? Maybe that Kanji means butt hole or something..

      • No, I had Maasa’s shirt…

        The reason was probably that I was shaking a lot. I apologized to her for being very nervous on the second round though and she was like “oh really” with quite a sarcastic tone :P

  11. I am a teenage girl.

    There aren’t to many.

    I wouldn’t really call myself a wota though. I enjoy morning musume, but I don’t by merch or anything other than the music and I do like watching TV show appearances of the girls (especially those from around the Golden Era).

  12. I’m a female American wota who doesn’t like Kanon. I think I’m the only one. I’ve honestly tried to like her and realize why other people do like her, but I just can’t. Please don’t kill me!

  13. I’m a cinematographer based on LA, I do short films, not a wota but been following MM since and nobody from my peers nor anyone from my hemisphere would think I enjoy this things. dont know much of the songs, I just find it funny and cute. there

  14. I’m a wota who teaches at a school at the Elementary School Tsunku graduated from LOL I’ve also had his father pointed out to me once XD It’s supremely bizarre.

  15. I’m currently being scouted as a potential member of the Canadian women’s Olympic ice hockey team. I’m pretty confident no other wota can claim that (and if any can, tell me! I wanna scrimmage with you then talk about idols!)

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