19 comments on “Katsuta Rina to wota: “Your singing is off-key. Please go take some voice training lessons.”

  1. Oh Rinapuu, please say no to me when I ask to have sex with you. You would give me the strangest of hard-ons

  2. I’ve started liking her a bit from this.

    It always looks so fun, seeing the wota sing. The first time I heard that, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just the backing track, but then I checked. “Hey, wow, it’s actually the audience singing that!”

    > tone-deaf
    Taking Mandarin classes opened my eyes. Never before have I truly understood how utterly unable to discern and reproduce even relative pitch some people are.

    Student: bu (rising pitch)
    Teacher: (shakes head) bu (falling pitch)
    Student: bu (rising pitch)
    Teacher: bu (falling pitch)
    Repeat 20 times until the teacher gives up in despair.

    > Rinapuu being angry at you does sound like more of a reward than it does a punishment.

    Or so I heard.

    • One does not have to be able to sing to be able to tell if someone is off key. Similarly, one does not have to be able to cook to know if the soup is thin. Also, one does not have to be an engineer to know that a flight of stairs is tilting.

      (Besides, Bakuwara was being self-effacing. She is the healing princess of singing after all.)

  3. Well, first of all, she sings just fine. She doesn’t have any pitch problems. You must have never listened to her solo renditions.

    Secondly, she’s metamorphisized into a fantastic idol, she has proven talent, she’s turned into a babe and now we find out she’s just a badass. I bet her popularity skyrockets if she keeps displaying this attitude.

      • As an idol singer, she’s the epitome of an idol singer. Go read the thread about her first Hina Fest solo.

        • So because a thread says she is good, that means she is good? Of course, most of you just agree with whatever the threads say.
          Newsflash, threads are opinions not fact.

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