43 comments on “Tell me about all the instances of Katsuta Rinapuu being a total jerk

    • Yeah, in hindsight (I translated this a couple of weeks ago), that was a stupid choice of word. I’ll edit it and punish myself with a drink. Thanks for pointing that out.

      PS. Speaking of “okama,” I warmly recommend the manga Okama Hakusho to anyone who wants a laugh and isn’t easily offended. It’s not porn, but it’s one of the few works I’ve read that features accidental man-on-man anal sex. So, good, wholesome fun for the holiday season.

      • >accidental man-on-man anal sex

        Gotta hate it when that happens, just walking down the sidewalk one moment and then
        right in the ass.

        Sounds like a rather entertaining manga then ^_^

  1. thanks for all the bakuwara threads you do. i used to be completely indifferent towards her, but thanks to you, i’ve realized her greatness

  2. Energy efficient and a nice body. She’s one of those H!P girls that is both fun to like and dislike.

  3. She’s… she’s crazy lol. H!P girls are somehow all about, how i love my work! my job! etc. etc. but she… only… lol. was she a girl somehow just placed into s/mileage? or she auditioned for it for real?

    and yet her wotas loved her for such honesty… i didn’t know honesty could differ this much from sincerity. lol

    • As much as idols like to play up the sweet, innocent, good daughter/sister/wife image, there have been some that have succeeded by playing against the type with their honesty and attitude. Reina’s another one that comes to mind, and she was an ace.

      Although Rina’s using apathy more than attitude, lol.

  4. The more I read things like this about her, the more I realize her greatness. I don’t think H!P has ever had an idol like her before.

  5. From the mesmerizing solo thread to this one. I think Henkka is trying to brainwash us into liking Rinapuu. Lol

  6. So probably S/mileage have “lots” of “troublesome” members :lol: Maro, Rinapuu. I heard Yuukarin & Sakichy not doing well in their days.. SO it’s only Ayacho the angel side (maybe Oden too)

  7. Rinapuu is truly an angel. I can’t believe I ignored her up until last year. I had no idea about Kanyon getting hit in the mouth. Poor girl!

  8. Rinapuu is like a girl you work with who always claims to love her job and what she does while actively interviewing for another job at the same time.

        • A-Angerme? What? How? Why!?

          God, I’m late watching Hello!Station one week, and they come up with something… like that.

      • Let’s see:


        It means Angel’s Tears

        The backing track for their first single translates to “A Maiden’s Counterattack”.

        Conclusion: ANGERME is totally metal.

        • Well, I’d say Smileage are already the most metal H!P act, so let’s see if this is just the natural conclusion of that.

        • I want Meimei to grow back her hair and go all out 80’s hair metal style, something like SHOW-YA.

          … Yes it’s okay to call me an idiot.

          Honestly though, I would find this “wild side of her” damned titillating.

        • They are adding a member who is still in elementary school and another member who isn’t much older so they might have to tone down the sexuality for a while.

          Of course, Katsata Rina has appealing b/oobage, but for now they have to be playing the genki-ness card.

    • I reckon it’s all a ploy by Dawa and Maro

      >rename the group
      >add more members to ensure the group keeps going
      >smileage name is now not in use
      >reunite with sakitty and yuukarin
      >the real smileage resumes where they left off

      • Don’t you dare give the idea of Yuukarin coming back.. Don’t you.. Dare.. *cries on shoulder* the wound..

  9. I’ve been one of her fans, since like, her debut maybe, but just because I thought her singing was very smooth and she’s cute. I never knew anything about her personality, but sometimes couldn’t stop thinking “She looks so tired and does everything so carefully, no energy lol”. Somehow my oshimen’s always turn out weird!! Uemuu the pervert and Rinapuu the one who doesn’t want to be here.

    • Ye, Ue is another devil under angel’s cloak, her obsession with girls gonna become a H!P legend :D
      It seems like the most ‘innocent’ unit of this year is full of devils.

  10. I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have more details on the episode with Maro’s tooth? The video is broken and I can’t find anything on it…

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