11 comments on “The follicly-challenged man’s idol: Katsuta Rina

  1. I ended up having a jacket-sign with Rinapuu earlier this year. I’m not a big fan of her “energy-saving” image, and she ended up being nice but pretty bland.
    Taka-chan on the other hand, was an absolute delight! She even remembers my name talking to another fan later (it helps that I was likely the only gaijin she saw all day.
    Tamura was always my favorite S/Mileage member, but Take-chan hopped from #2 to the top spot with ease!

  2. I can only assume the timing of posting this right after the last thread was intentional. They both follow a similar (hair)line of thinking…

  3. >24: She’d probably punch you in the face if you touched her bangs.

    A few of her hairs might fall out of anyone touched her bangs. :|

  4. Now that Akari is growing her hair out, I wonder if Rina ever tries to beat her up yelling “Give it back! Give it back!”?

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