14 comments on “Katsuta Rina’s mesmerizing solo version of “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku”

  1. I’ve watched this video a lot in the last month or so too. Rina is the easiest to miss in S/mileage group songs, especially since Kana got the Yattaruchan push, so I feel like I didn’t have much of an image of who Rina was until seeing these solo videos.

  2. Wow, if I had never seen this, I would’ve thought Rina was the weakest link in S/mileage (no thanks to the pv/line distributions). Though I have heard her sing before, and she really can sing. But this performance was fantastic. I’m not the biggest S/mileage fan, but I’ll admit that they have the best vocal talent by average. What I basically mean is that every one of them can hold their own in solo performances, as compared to some groups (not gonna name them) where some members aren’t really great vocal-wise.

    So, S/mileage manager(s), please get your heads out of your asses and really make use of their vocal ability to market them better. Sure, the campaign for yattaruchan/atarashi watashi ni nare were above average, but they weren’t awesome. The have the strength (vocal ability) which some other groups do not, and thus should be marketed in that way.

    Of course this is just my personal opinion. Either way, that was an amazing performance by Rinapuu (it just exudes innocence and sweetness!) and I will be paying more attention to her and S/mileage from now on.

  3. This girl never stood out to me and she still doesn’t despite her voice. For me she is missing a spark of maturity. It would help her if she wore a little makeup to enhance her features. I noticed a while ago that she has a nice shape but I just keep looking past her. Also, it’s a shame that she has this nice voice and I have never heard it until now. It’s always hard to cheer on someone that the producers don’t push into the spotlight. After a while you begin to get discouraged.

  4. honestly I’ve never even heard of her. She really seems ordinary, one that you will simply look past. I know about the other 3 2nd gen member but for some reason I never bothered to get to know the 4th member and it seems I’m not alone in this. Maybe I should start paying attention to her now (if i can find her that is)

    But she sure has such a great voice and idk how many times I’ve replayed the yt solo

  5. The problem with Rinapuu is that she doesn’t have a proper character/role since Nakanishi is already “the ugly one” – and I like Nakanishi!

  6. For me, Rinapuu stuck out like a sore thumb. If you look at her early years, her face was pretty oily. Just look at Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku video and how oily her face was in that. This just attracted my attention and from then, I just grew to love her. I like her mellow image. Like Tsunku says, she’s just got that “puu” feeling to her.

  7. One thing that stood out for me in this performance is her dance at the interlude. It is so cute!

  8. I love Rinapu so much!! glad that more people is starting to see how adorable she is! really wish they would push her in the next single

  9. I don’t get it. I watched the first performance thinking that it would be really good, based on everyone’s reactions. It wasn’t bad or anything, but just middle of the road Her voice wasn’t off key, but it also wasn’t good. I feel like I must have been watching a different video from everyone else or something.

    • The youtube video is of crap quality. They can say it’s 1080p all they want, but with how much it’s compressed, it’s not very good.

      • meh. tons of tubez videos are originally 240p 288p, but blown up to “HD” just to attract more views.

        only tech demos and official channel stuff have the real HD vids.

        • To be considered HD, it simply requires the HD resolutions. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same as a 1080p blu-ray. Youtube compresses their videos, so they lose quality.

          If I upload a full blu-ray copy of a movie. Somewhere along the lines of 8+ gigs of content, Youtube will compress the crap out of it. It’ll maintain the 720/1080p resolution, but quality drops. There’s simply no way to maintain that quality, when you drop the file size to 1/5th or less of it’s original size.

          You’re easily looking at 100+ mb for 1 minute of 1080p video. Look at a 1:30 minute 1080 trailer on Youtube and it’s like a 20-30 mb file. While Youtube videos are technically HD, I really wouldn’t consider them HD. I put them inbetween SD and HD.

          Youtube can’t afford to keep things in it’s original HD. That’d require too much bandwith.

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