16 comments on “Michishige Sayumi gives Sayashi Riho a “back massage”

  1. “323: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/08/18(日) 23:44:28.63 0
    It’s like the relationship between a whale and the creature attached to the whale’s body that eats microbes off it. If they’re both fine with it, it’s okay, isn’t it?”

    This might be the most bizarre Morning Musume / child molestation analogy ever.

  2. >>316 “Her morals are completely gone”

    Didn’t know Sayu had any morals to start with (and that’s why I love her…)

  3. Riho: Michishige-san, my back is tight can u give me a back rub??
    Sayu: Sure RihoRiho, anything for my cute kouhai
    Riho: Ahhhh, this feels so good thank you, Ive always heard that you were good at massages
    Riho: Ummm, Michishige-san, ur hand seems to be sliding down farther and farther, i asked for a
    back rub
    Sayu: Shhhhhh RihoRiho, everything is fine… Just go with it and let leader make you feel good
    Riho: Ummm, i think i hear Tsunku-san calling me, i have to go know
    Sayu: Darn it, next time i’ll get you my pretty, u cant run forever

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