30 comments on “A world in which only Rihoriho remembers Sayu…

  1. that was a pretty good fanfic, especially the ending, it was pretty deep. I kind of want the group to perform at bigger venues just cause they are naturally popular and not because someone is graduating. Would love to see them do venues like the Saitama super arena or Seibu dome like the golden era did on a regular basis

  2. Mishichige Sayuri? I think I remember that name… She was the girl who was kicked out of the finals of 9th gen audition, wasn’t she?

    • What are you talking about? Sheki-dol are literally one of the biggest groups ever, with a string of hits and world renowned fame. What planet have you been living on that you think that they’re less well known than some made-up idol?

  3. Sayashi: “Fujimoto-san, surely you must remember Michishige-san??? You were in 6th gen together!”
    Fujimoto: “Huh? 6th gen was only myself, Reina and Eri. There was no fourth member… Are you sure you are feeling okay, Riho-chan??”
    *Fujimoto walks away*
    Sayashi:”Not even Fujimoto-san remembers Michishige-san… Wait, maybe Kamei-san will remember her… She must remember her!”

  4. Sayashi: “Kusumi-san, you remember Michishige-san, don’t you?”
    Koha: “No, who might that be? I know! Why don’t you fax me a photo of her?”

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