10 comments on “Never Forget Kamei Eri

  1. Its impossible to forget a legend. She inspired and influenced a ton of past and present idols and fans and left such an overwhelming impact on the idol world. Everyone she’s ever worked with recognized here monstrous talent so you always get stories like this of people bringing her up even though its been effectively a decade since she left the entertainment world and public view completely.

    Happy Birthday to the Queen and my favorite idol of all time

  2. I tried to find the “Umbrella Scene” where she was suppose to toss an umbrella behind her into a umbrella holder. She showed up and without any rehearsal, tried to toss it behind her into the pot. It took over 70 takes before the umbrella finally landed into the holder. She never lost her cheerful attitude on the outside, even though later she admitted she was on the verge of crying from doing so many takes her arm was worn out. What a trooper!

  3. 2. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2019年11月06日 15:09
    Are you doing well, Eririn?

    I admit I teared up a little reading this.

  4. My guess is that the office tried to reach out to her for the 20th anniversary. Maybe she doesn’t miss the spotlight after all.

  5. I very much adore her graduation song I could tear up easily if I let my guard down while listening to it. Euphoric

    • Rina says they held her a yakiniku birthday party. Seeing the huge amount of likes and retweets, she says it only renews the respect she has for her sister.

      She ends with: “She truly is so kindhearted and adorable. My big sister is my pride and joy!”

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