7 comments on “Fukumura Mizuki talks about her first time meeting Kamei Eri: “Her kindness made me fall for her.”

  1. “Nothing good ever comes from a fan and their idol being in the same group.”

    Not entirely true. Maachan was a huge fan of Reina and look how well that turned out. Reina actually came out of her shell thanks to Maa ^_^

    • Maachan wasn’t a MM fan prior to joining though, so she probably didn’t really know anything about the members. Guess she came to admire Reina during the time they were together in the group

      That said – I have no idea what the person means by that comment. The interactions between kouhai and their favorite senpai are always amongst my favorites. And you can’t say these girls turned out bad or that their senpais were bothered:
      Harunan and Ishida (Sayumi), Duu (Reina), Ogata and Nonaka (Riho), Haga (Duu), Yokoyan (Oda) and Chii loved Harunan before joining

      Don’t know much about older gens, only heard that Gaki-san was a fan of Abe

    • Also Gaki and Eripon. At first Gaki seemed a bit overwhelmed by Eripon’s passionate declarations of love, but now the two hang out together so much. Eripon has even surpassed Aichan on Gaki’s blog.

    • Yeah, I think that commenter was saying in general that you can become disillusioned and disappointed when you meet your idol/hero & have to work with them, liking seeing an actor being rude backstage.

      I think that’s true to a point, but I don’t necessarily think it applies to MM 100%. Like the Gaki example, she was a huge fan of MM so I’m sure in the end she was happy that Eripon took over her color as a huge fan too.

    • I guess my take is that the fan character doesn’t exist on their own, it’s always dependent on relating to the idol they’re a fan of. It usually isn’t until the idol graduates, that the fan idol can find their own unique image, stand out on their own.

      On the other hand, Country Girls as the Momochi Idol School/Harem was the greatest, so that’s a strong counter-example.

  2. 5. It’s like the baby chick who assumes that the first bird she sees must be her mother.

    2ch comments are often great. :)

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