24 comments on “Fukumura Mizuki: “One thing is for sure: it’s a good thing that I was a part of the 9th generation and that it wasn’t just the other three.”

  1. I was about to say, it’s refreshing to see positive comments about Fukuchan that don’t involve her boobs, and then the last comment.

  2. Mizupon is the soul of this group.

    So what’s next, henkka? Translating another heartbreaking sayashi thread soon? =(

    • In a way it’s nice to see some overlap in the sentiments of the Japanese and foreign fan base. We all love Fuku-chan’s boobs!

  3. Practically speaking, it was a good idea to place an H!P egg in the mix with 3 newb kidz. That way Mizuki could reassure them that they could get through the harsh training conditions and they should not be discouraged.

  4. The original thread vibe was very mean and cruel in nature, I’m glad the matome site picked the more insightful comments. 9th gen had good balance because of Fuku-chan being there.

  5. She is very talented, beautiful and on top of that she is the one who loves the group the most. Morning Musume would not be the same without her. Fans should be more grateful that girls like her still exists.

      • I disagree with that person too, but it’s not far to compare the two eras. Yossy and Ai-led Musume were when Japan was sick to death with idols. Not a single female idol group was in the Oricon top 20 from 2005 to early 2008 before Perfume and later AKB came in. The 2010s idol boom helped 9th gen MM onward.

  6. It’s really not that humble of a thing to say, I think MM will move into a better future when she eventually graduates.

    Her boobs aren’t very big, decent shape tho.

  7. Yeah, it was nice she entered and stuff, but i think it’s time to graduate. not because i don’t like her, but the group lately feels boring with her (like… i want to see new group dynamics, like angerme and tsubaki factory) .
    But I’m sure Up Front will let her stay until tsunku personally tells her to get out. (she’s a leader for 4 years and will surpass Ai-chan’s leadership time)

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