9 comments on “Do you guys remember the 2006-2009 Morning Musume?

  1. The years of Haromoni@, still to this day my favorite Hello Project show. The girls looked cute with their weekly cosplay themes and moutube was awesome

    • I still have my AX 2009 badge and Morning Musume ticket. Section: C Row: 17.

      It was my first plane travel. More than 7 hrs flight.

      Lot of good memories, but couldn’t make it to the handshake event sadly.

  2. “Sexy Boy” is one of my least favorite Momusu songs, but my boyfriend loves it. I always try not to skip it when we’re together, since he gets sad if I do.

  3. I refer to 2005-2007 as MM’s Twilight Era. They were just sloughing off Golden Era members, and it was clear that they had gotten out of touch with what the charts and the mainstream wanted.

    But damn, if Tsunku wasn’t on fire, musically. Not only did MM do some of their finest genre singles, like Manpower, Iroppoi Jirettai, and EYN, but he was also giving Berikyuu some god-tier songs.

    2008 is when Platinum Era started.

  4. Sexy Boy is the truth. I was not a fan when this song came iut, but this is easily top 10 momusu songs ever imo. EYN is also up there..

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