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  1. I always felt bad for Mikitty, she was more experienced and older than the rest of 6th gen so she couldn’t fit in with them but she still was considered a junior to members like 5th gen and TsujiKago even though she was older than them. But at the same time, she was only a year debuted when she entered MM – age/tenure range that’s Kaedii around the time Duu was graduating or the ONLY YOU girls in a few months. That’s still so new to the industry, and finishing your dream stage on Kouhaku and having your world change in a matter of moments, that’s tough.

    “But I mean, if you always prioritize your seniors like that, you will physically never be able to make it to the front. […] Fundamentally, I feel that senior-junior relations don’t matter the least bit when it comes to performing. We’re talking about Morning Musume’s entire outward appearance — it’s completely ridiculous to even bring seniority into that.”

    What a cool way of thinking about it lol. I doubt we’ll ever see someone like her in MM again.

  2. Everyone has their own opinions of course, but for me, MiKitty had the best vocals of the entire MM group – ever. I loved to hear her voice singing.

    The MM group photo in their “All For One- One For All” blue school uniforms tugged at my heart strings. What was that? 2004? *Sighs* Glory Days.

  3. It’s a little jarring to read about how much effort she supposedly put into all her performances, even those within Morning Musume.

    It just doesn’t jive with what I remember seeing from her in real time. She would always sing on key when she was solo or in GAM, but I can recall countless times where she’d go flat all over the place when she was with Morning Musume, and especially if she wasn’t one of the leads for the song.

    Unapologetically doing what you think is right is great, but only when you’re doing the right thing. When you aren’t, it just looks like you don’t give a damn. That’s why at the time, I could only conclude that she just didn’t care.

    I guess in a way that’s just being consistent with the “all or nothing” part of her personality. It’s actually funny to me just how much she talks herself up and talks about “family” when she’s made it clear she pretty much ignores the current iteration of the group. I mean, why wouldn’t she? It’s not like any of the current girls have anything to do with her, right?

    Maybe it’s just confirmation bias and I’m seeing what I already expected to see — a self-centered, arrogant woman who didn’t listen to anybody and didn’t give a damn about anyone else. Even so, in all my years as a fan, Miki has never shown me anything that contradicts my opinion of her.

    Though even with all of that, I can’t say I didn’t appreciate her presence in the group. She always was easy on the eyes, and she could be a great performer, even if only in certain contexts. I just don’t see some of her words lining up with what I’ve seen.

    • IMHO, they did her wrong by making her go into MM and taking away her solo career. Her strong personality is both a pro and con. She’s independent and confident, sure but when in you’re in a group with people you’re around more than your family then you should at least try and make things a bit more comfortable for everyone, no? You don’t need to see everyone as a rival or a competition now. You’re in a group now. There’s friendly rivals but this interview makes it seem she’s just all in it for her own and everyone was just in her way. Not sure if she was a real good match for MM. Her voice is good but taking away from her dream away from her is pretty sad but no need to take it out on everyone else.

  4. The tone of this interview is so markedly different from all of the other interviews until now, lol. She really doesn’t change herself for anyone. Utterly blunt.

    Gotta respect her for that, but it also makes you wonder how much further she could have gone as a soloist.

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