13 comments on “Fujimoto Miki looks like a character from Final Fantasy (+1)

  1. That 1st picture is too outrageously gorgeous yet so badass, Edea was the first character that popped in my mind too..

    Definitely the true optional boss of FFVIII, surpassing Omega weapon… Level 99 Sorceress possessing Auto Haste, Auto Protect, Auto Shell and the ribbon ability… Has break MP and HP limit abilities as well as doublecast and all high level magic… Just when u think you have her down she cast full-life on herself and laughs at u mercilessly.. The only unwinnable optional boss in FF history

  2. Ai-chan is a true FF fan though, u can tell by the article cause she knows alot of the side characters and best places to level up… I remember there being a different article or video where she said that she wanted to be a boss character if they ever let her appear in a FF game lol… That would be crazy to have them both be optional bossess

    • Even if my character had the capacity to defeat Aichan, I’m not sure I could actually go through with it.

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  4. Yaguchi was in a ff game.
    It wasn’t official of course but you could tell
    Ff 13 serrah was the name I thibk
    Yaguchi from 2007 or so, pigtails, cowboy hat at some point, blond
    I think someone points it out to her in a vid too

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