25 comments on “Legendary Hello! Project song used in the newest movie in the X-Men film series!

      • No, I didn’t watch it, I just love the Elegies song hahahaha (I think that’s what the 2ch commenter meant too, since the movie isn’t out in Japan yet)

  1. Saw the movie Friday. Hadn’t heard it was supposed to be in there and was surprised to hear it. Immediately recognized it. Interesting that something so obscure made it in there.

  2. “48: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/07/28(日) 09:13:01.14 0
    I wonder if Terada knows?”

    Lol. I’m guessing he knows. He’s probably sitting on a stack of American money right now because of this. But does Megumi Murakami know?

    • To anyone wondering the same thing as >48, here’s Tsunku’s reaction to it on Twitter a couple of minutes ago when someone asked him about it:
      Right, I heard about that. Was there an official announcement about it already?

  3. Someone should send the link to megu twitter to to see how she’ll react. Perhaps this unit should be revive.

  4. I saw an advanced screening of “Wolverine” in my hometown. The song was used in a scene where one of the characters was romping around with prostitutes. I was so excited & turned to my friends like, “I have that song! I HAVE THAT SONG!” No one else was excited, though. Lol.

    • In the movie those guys are having teleporation abilities. They eventually teleport to Tokyo, and we can hear those two Morning Musume’s songs playing at the radio.

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