17 comments on “Natsuyaki Miyabi: “I don’t like girls who have their boobs out on purpose.”

  1. Miyabi was always an ugly slut. Even Yossie and Rika were shocked at how young she’d lost her virginity.

    • 吉澤「雅ちゃんは処女じゃなさそうだ」

  2. Maybe Miyabi worries that she will be seen next to a girl who has her boobs out and she will feel like it’s a public execution?

    • Forgive the ignorance of this comment–perhaps things have changed recently and I wasn’t aware. How is it possible that Miyabi could have revealed this sort of information without the entire idol world being turned upside down at her “promiscuity,” etc.? And how old was she, considering that Rika might have been a bit young too?

      • Natsuyaki Miyabi is 26. Ogata Risa is 19.

        I’m not sure what you mean. Miyabi is AGAINST other girls walking around with their boobage hanging out. That seems like the opposite of promiscuity.

        Also, things just might have changed recently since they had 18 year old Kudo Haruka talking about if she had a choice of walking around in just under ware or just socks and the world didn’t come to an end.

          • No problem.

            I think Miyabi was 14 at the time. The story comes from a backstage conversation was was picked up on a wireless mic that someone in the audience was recording. Yossie and Rika were speculating that Miyabi had the aura of a girl who already has had sex, not revealing actual information about Miyabi-chan’s sex life.

  3. I wonder if Miya was doing the radio show with like fellow KIDS or senpai they’d allow her to say this stuff or if they’d be like “Um ,sweetie, fox and grapes much?” and give her a hard time.

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