13 comments on “Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK 20th Anniversary Edition Roundtables: Takahashi Ai × Paipai Dekami

    • Nah. It’s one of those things where you already know what they’re saying without me translating them, or without you reading them.

      I hope she gets over this. All the best to Yossie.

  1. Ha! Ha! “If you’re the leader, then how about you act like one!” I have no problem picturing Gaki-san scolding her so dryly.

    BTW, nice three shot of Sayu and Reina arresting suspect Yoshikawa. (If that’s the way I’d get arrested, I would gladly commit more crimes).

  2. Takahashi Ai is amazing. It’s thanks to her I got hooked to H!P after I saw an old youtube video where she, Riho and Risa performed. Moonlight night I wonder if it’s a popular song…

    She’s such a trooper. If I ever meet her I just want to tell her you worked hard during the Platinum era or something corny like that. Loved Ai’s epiphany how MM used to be, how Kaori growed as a leader too and how Risa supported Ai feels like I can picture it in my head.

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