12 comments on “Fashion icon Takahashi Ai spent all her money before marriage

  1. Now we know why she was so excited on Haromoni when she thought she’d hit the lottery………

    • exactly what I was thinking ^^ she seemed so happy for a moment… and she hasn’t learned her lesson… I hope her husband is alright XD

    • Lol, im glad that was a prank cause she would have blew through that money so fast that it would have made national headlines… “National Idol declares bankruptcy 4 months after winning lotto” lol

  2. yeah takahashi always was a big spender but not only that
    niigaki sometime made fun of her how she wouldnt eat orange juice that wasnt 100%
    you could tell she was the “dont touch me’ type of idol, snobby even

    i have no idea how these girls continue living after the idol life.
    i mean, they keep getting money from the company for old songs? i know they get invited to shows and getting paid to appear on them but that doesnt last long and not for all.

    yoshizawa ishikawa appeared on a lot of shows after the idol life.
    iida kaori didnt.
    japan is expensive and not all are married to money men like takahashi.

    • As far as I know girls nowadays don’t get money from old songs. It’s like a one-time payment, additional to their contract. I can imagine Iida made enough money in her career, maybe the songs from her solo career still get her some royalties, too. However, she’s also still under UF and appears in several events (like the Satoyama ones).

    • I don’t think Aichan is at all snobby. She is very friendly and approachable. She even started a conversation with a foreign fan when she overheard him singing a Morning Musume song. She is a shopaholic, absolutely. She enjoys luxury items, and food is definitely one of her luxuries she likes to splurge on. And honestly? I don’t blame her for not wanting any other orange juice besides 100%, concentrated stuff is gross.

      Aichan probably spent a good chunk of her income, but she is pretty active as far as ex-MM members goes. She has a CM deal, regular TV appearances, made WEAR popular, and appeared in a bunch of popular plays. She definitely receives royalties from old singles, and appears at H!P events time to time. Heck, she even appeared at LoVendoR’s.

      All the OG receive royalties. I don’t know about Sayashi, and if Zukki will, but Lehua Sandbo is still receiving royalties for Coconuts Musume, even now.

      • how much can the royalties be to support an active after-idol lifestyle?
        i m thinking most have invested in real estate or something.
        i cant think of iida suriving on just royalties, the odd appearance and her husbands job.

        japan is really expensive and not only can you not drop the lifestyle you were accustomed as an idol, you ll become big news if you do.

        • Well, you have to figure, Aichan was an active member for a long time. She has a lot singles under her belt. She has a lot of photobooks. That plus DVDs of lives, old plays, making of DVDs, etc. She probably gets a decent bit, not that much. But remember.. She released two new style books. She’s been featured in two singers’ songs. Her current goods are still being sold through M-Line, and holding events with M-Line. She appeared in two dramas last year alone, and regularly appears on TV. She’s the ambassador of Fukui. She appeared in several plays, she starred in a film. PLUS.. She has a contract with UFP which I do believe provides a base salary – which Iida must recieve too. Whatever Aichan does outside of UFP is more money added to her annual income, after UFP gets their cut, I’m sure.

  3. This is not surprising at all… It was well known since her earlier days in the group that she was terrible with money…Gaki would always complain about the nonsense the Aichan would buy.. Aichan is the type who when she cant deiced between 2 things she would just get them both..

    On the other hand, its kind of hard to believe that she is truly broke.. Out of all the members of Morning Musume you would assume she would be in the top 3 of career earnings.. The sheer number of singles, photobooks, dvds, fan events, gravure/photoshoots, stage plays and television appearances/cm’s would potentially put her in the class of never having to need to work again, at least for a long while… I she truly has no savings left then her spending is absolutely absurd, and needs an intervention lol

  4. wow. ai taka might turn out to be a worse parent than her husbando? i hope they don’t reproduce, seriously.

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