20 comments on “Ogata Haruna’s dad is a Haga oshi. But if it came to choosing a wife? “I’d marry Ishida-san.”

    • If you have a girlfriend/wife though, I’d advise against saying that to her. If she asks who you’d marry if you had the chance, it’s better to go for someone who is… well, I was going to say “plain” or “average,” but let’s face it, what I really mean is someone with a more modest chest.

      • The beauty of hypotheticals is that you don’t have to take any of that into consideration lol.

  1. marry?

    fukumura looks like she puts weight on easily after marriage, ishida might look after herself better.
    fukumura looks kinda “slowbro” as far as house chorse are concerned, ishida more active.

    i like ishida better but i think id go with fukumura.
    fukumura cant act, with her, what you see is what you get. she probably is the most legit person in the group.
    ishida on the other hand…a lot like niigaki i think, different off camera than on stage. seems like she overplays the “homely” chara.
    with mitsui you could tell, she wanted to cook and got better at it, with ishida?
    eh the food she prepared in that cooking segment in her hometown seemed too good to be prepared by her…i d bet money it was stuff-made.

    nah id go with fukumura, might be eating omurice everyday but at least fuku is legit.
    but bodywise id go with ishida
    but fuku is always chillaxed
    but ishida looks like she could help you in a crisis situation more

    end of the day, i doubt anyone of them is easygoing, probably not the best marriage material. after so many years in the idol world? yeah they are going to have demands. financial, social etc
    maybe not exactly high maintenence but not medium either.

  2. With Mizuki you are likely to get an entire Prefecture as a dowry, though.

    Now if Ogata dad had mentioned Kudo then his wife have despaired that her husband no long is interested in women.

  3. I want to hear Ogata call Ishida “Mom”. lol

    I wonder if Ogata’s dad has met Haga yet. That could get weird quick.

  4. Ikubo’s Dad : Dawa-wota
    Ogata’s Dad : Haga-wota

    You’re an ultimate wota if your daughter is actually in Hello! Project.

    • I want an Hello Project dads DVD special where they talk about which girl in HP they like the most, who they would marry, etc.

  5. It has always been a dream of mine to make Mizuki a teen mom. She is genuine, kind and loyal. Probably the type who would keep her baby even when I don’t want anything to do with it.

    • Not possible. Even if you managed to do the deed today, she would not complete gestation before becoming a non-teenager :-)!

      • red windu, what the hell is your problem?!! Do you even know that boys don’t have pussies. If they do, they would be rare exceptions like yourself!

  6. Lol, he’s got good taste.. Daaishi has always been at the top of the list for best wife candidate..She has so many good qualities and almost no bad.. She can cook, is good with money, easy to please, and appreciates the little things in life.. The fact thats shes gorgeous is a bonus lol… Still my #1 wife candidate among the organization even though it would be interesting to have a wife like Sato or Oda if they were of age

    PS, that Daaishi/Ogata mother daughter pic is spot on.. She looks like shes so proud of her daughter getting her hair done while ogata does a playful gesture back to her cool mom lol

  7. I’m sure Ogata’s also going about like “Fukumura-san got huge boobs dad!” Or “it’s like this!” And how she also wanted something similar for herself lol.

    But of course, #14 would have been true so he says “ishida” instead haha

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