10 comments on “Momochi is my wife.

    • after all these weird and disturbing comments I just have one question… do you even like H!P? no… there’s a better one… why are you even here? oO

      • I’m pretty sure it’s not that he doesn’t like H!P but that he doesn’t get along well with people in general. Thus making him someone that can only live by suspecting everyone of being disingenious and calculating.

      • momo really seems high maintenance

        i d say, she s about as high maintenance as ishikawa seemd back in the day

        dont get me wrong, they are all high maint, they are high level idols after all.

        i just think momo is above acceptable levels though.

  1. It would eventually be depressing to be married to Momoko. You would age into an old man and she would eternally remain an idol.

  2. Since she’s married to all her fans whats the official order on honeymoons… I personally would like it if mine could be before this fall/ my birthday… The order should go by seniority of fandom length lol

  3. It is remarkable how there isn’t any lewd comment in such a thread. They all just want to live by her side, and even having kids seems to be a magical and non-sexual fact.
    52 is the cutest lol.

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