17 comments on “The no. 1 most wife-like idol has been determined

  1. While these images the wotas described is about elite Japanese, I feel like, because she was raises in the states, Nonaka is probably far off from what they had imagined.

  2. All depends on what you want out of a marrige realy. If you want somebody to watch cartoons and play games; Iikubo Haruna, if you want traditional; Mizuki, if you want enegetic and livley; Sato Masaki. Miki and Maria might supprise you marrige wise as they appear to take a large ammount of western influence in their lives. For me personaly it would have to be Maimi Yajima.

  3. Kamei Eri is the only one for me… at least someone who’s LIKE her… also… Chel is 16… it sounds weird to talk about marriage with a girl, who is 12 years younger than me… I just can’t ^^

  4. Ignoring the fantasy aspect of it, I can’t think why anyone would want to marry a 16 year old idol… Wouldn’t you be pretty annoyed after a while? I think I would.

  5. 14: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/18(月) 06:30:15.82 O.net
    I want to enjoy a quiet, rural married life together with her.

    Exactly.. Just live in a truly suburban lifestyle with her and the kids, cat and dog lol.. Think Daaishi might have some competition for most likely to be a great future wife.. Nonaka seems like she devote herself to making the family happy.. Plus she speaks english so language barriers are no longer a factor

    Top 5 wife candidates in H!P as of right now (When they’re of age of course lol)
    5)Tsugunaga Momoka (Kids will have a immense drive to be successful)
    4)Sato Masaki (All of the kids will be unorhtodox/musical geniuses yet playful)
    3)Oda Sakura (Kids will either be great photographers or legendary singers lol)
    2)Inaba Manaka (Kids are guaranteed to be adorable)
    1)Ishida Ayumi (Still the Queen, No explanations needed)

  6. Dear Henkka, would be able to find any translatable threads on 2ch about “No 1 Hello Project idol you would wanna fuck the most”? Cos I’m curious about what the Japanese wotas think.

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