8 comments on “Mano Erina picks fight with her manager on Twitter

  1. They always make me laugh with their tweets. But I just know how manetty looks IRL now.
    She is cute.

  2. Mano and Manetty remind me of the anime Chou Kuse Ni Narisou (I’ll make a habit of it) where the lead character is a girl teen idol singer/super bad ass martial arts expert who poses as a boy to go to a delinquent high school to find a new leader for her father’s dojo. Her nerdy henpecked salaryman manager also has to go to the high school to protect her even though he would be no use at all in a fight.

  3. Its cool that they’re still together.. To have the same manager since before your debut is awesome, it builds a type of relationship that rivals the bond that family members have.. Hope they stay together until the day Mano finally calls it quits from the entertainment industry which is probably nowhere in the near future.. Mano is on fire right now with the gigs shes getting in big budget movies and dramas

  4. Erina Mano has a big heart. Everyone their bad and noone is exempt to that. She is sweet and king-hearted. I will not hear any more of you assholes trying to trash the name of such a person.

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