15 comments on “ANGERME once again comes up with something new: the “back-drawing event”

  1. Whatever the “various circumstances”, this seems like such a weird thing to plan on. I can see the appeal of some of the other non-handshake events like where you get drawn or even get some advice–in the end even if it cost a stupid amount of money, at least you’ve got a unique item or memory. But having randomly selected hiragana traced on your back with a rod? No item, uniqueness, OR even the physical contact and brief words of a regular handshake. The most use it would seem to be would be bringing it up on message boards years down the line. “Remember that weird thing they did with the rod!?”

  2. what’s wrong with the good old autograph session? it’s usually not about the autograph or the handshake or whatever… it’s about the small amout of time you can spend talking with a person you like…

    I personally don’t like physical contact… I’d feel awkward at a handshake event… and it’d be even worse at an event like this (back-drawing)… but I’d appreciate a 10 second conversation with every member…

  3. These things remind me idoling is about unrequited love, sort of sad, they should do more comedy or variety show.

  4. Autograph, handshake and a few words with your idol. Don’t reinvent the wheel here people.

  5. “108: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/15(金) 20:26:59.04 0.net
    Length of the rod: 3m.”

    The Poke a Wota with a Stick Event: So disgusting they changed their mind.

    • Hmm 3M is close to ten feet, so they literally wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

  6. I think it would have been a great thing to play a funny game with the girls. Honestly I can’t see how people don’t get the appeal of this. It’s totally like going to a girls brithday party in your early teenage years. It’s about the fun you share together not body contact.

  7. So much fun just to read it, would be epic if it did happen and footage was released xD. Still I like to think of idols just as normal people (just like any other celebrity in the world) and I guess its really weird to get asked to do that. I can imagine the members replying “Why would someone want that lol ?”

  8. ※ The members will use a handheld rod to beat the perverted thoughts out of you.

    Let’s make this happen.

    I can see Katsuta being particularly enthusiastic throughout the event >_>

  9. Weird. Very weird. lol. It could either be perceived as fun, stupid, or perverted.

  10. Wish they’d put the effort they used in thinking up this godawful event on improving the PV’s.

  11. This is so weird, but so Angerme. It’s very Marotesque even if she’s not in the group.

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