19 comments on “You guys seem to have fully accepted Kaga Kaede

  1. Haaa even after reading this thread I can’t get excited for Kaedii joining (well, besides the fact that it was really moving she joined in the first place after all this time).
    I’m sorry Kaga supporters. mu_um

  2. I love Ruru… But even I have accepted Kaedy just because she was so dedicated over the years… Together with Yokoyan they are a great addition to the group! And I like their voices. That’s very important for me! ^^ Yokoyan sounds like a young and unpolished Kanon and Kaedy has a very unique voice…

  3. I’m just glad that a lot noticed that it’s her background/sincerity that is what drew so much support from the get-go.

    Heck, once folk that don’t follow KSS learned her basic H!P story, they were legit happy for her. Even if they didn’t become her wota or she became their oshii or even really if they care for her aside from her dream coming true.

    It was just a great thing that the fandom was in near-unison (happy) about her joining.

  4. Ehhhh not yet for me… never really that interested in her when she was an egg.. Who knows she may grow on me as time passes but for now Yokoyama Reina has all my attention.. Yoko just emits that center aura and will be a good competition for Oda, Maachan and Miki for center spots

  5. I have like Kaedi for a long time now, so I’m truly happy for her, now I just need my Icchan to debut

  6. From what I’ve heard, the colors for the comments are chosen arbitrarily, but that last comment’s color can’t be a coincidence…

  7. She’s the first Egg I liked that actually made it into MM. Duu is okay but I didn’t really notice her before she got in.

  8. I never heard of her before joining MM so for me is like a fresh start. But to be honest, Reina caught my attention, I love her smile. I don´t hate or dislike Kaede, but still I don´t find her interesting.

  9. She’s a bit on the calm side for my taste in idols, I more prefer the playful and friendly type a la Makino Maria, but that body tho… Yum. Her photo book is awesome.

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