13 comments on “Rumored mortal enemies Mano Erina & Fukuda Kanon make peace on Twitter?!

  1. “Honestly, there were girls who could both sing and dance better than Mano-chan, so many of them must’ve been thinking “why her?“”

    This is just a possibility, but: Mano was one of the few H!P acts that had little to do with Tsunku. Taisei might’ve been in a situation of “Hey, who don’t you already have other plans for?”

  2. Huh? That’s like a normal conversation I have with my friends. Aren’t they actually the best of friends?

  3. they both have the faces you d expect from sharp tongue anime charas
    mano is like the “know your place peasant” proper school girl queen that has an all girl entourage and most guys drool over her
    maro would belong to the same schools wild cards, a bit promiscuous, rebelious, cat like and hanging around with the bad boys.
    natural born enemies.
    i d watch the hell out of something like that with them as actors

    • You might get a kick out of the first segment in Hello Channel the DVD. Mano-chan plays a genki student at a run down high school and Takahashi Ai plays a cool meganekko teacher who Mano has a super crush on. Mano then convinces Ai to dress up idol-like.

      • that was too sweet and innocent (although manos recorder game strong)
        mano needs a role like ishikawas in “sukeban deka”

  4. >33 does anyone know all the girls with Mano-chan? I see Maro, Ayacho, and Yuukarin but the other three I am spacing on.

      • Looking things up, this picture is for Hajimete no Keiken and the other two girls are Momoka Komine (2nd left) and Azusa Sekine (2nd right). Sakitty looks disturbingly like Konatsu Furukawa in that picture.

  5. That’s probably teenage years for them, i’m not surprised.. As i know Maro have a so-so relationship with Ayacho too during their last time as S/mileage-Angerme period.

  6. Love this back and forth… Wish more HP had this tension and banter, not everyone is going to love each other as best friends for the rest of their lives.

  7. Well, I didn’t know about this honestly but I love how they’re talking about Berryz lol xD Berryz can cheer up anyone, huh? Even make peace and sweeten the sourest relationships.

    Keep it coming, keep it coming. xD

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