5 comments on “Mano Erina: “I’m not strong enough as a person to just take everything in stride.”

  1. You have to be careful about what you say to Mano-chan. I wonder what she was like at hand shake events. It could be a “getting slapped by Mano-chan” event.

  2. This thread should have the tags ‘Japanese machism’, ‘jerk fans’, ‘forced stereotypes’.

    ManoEri’s followers can’t stand her reacting as a real person and not as a prefabricated idol to have a smile every time fans want to vent their frustrations with her. (Also is the way they spect women in general have to react)

    There has come a point where they try to make her stress by constantly criticizing her so that she crosses the line and then saying ‘she is always pissed off and likes to get attention’, WTF people ?! That is psychological violence!

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