10 comments on “How come Morito Chisaki is always smiling so happily?

      • Not really. A lot of the girls through the years were like that when they first started. Akane was like that. She looked pretty serious, cause I’m sure she was putting most of her effort into remembering the dance moves. She didn’t stray from the dance, so no smiling, waving, etc. Took a while before she broke out of that.

        I think it all just depends how quickly they can learn the formation dancing and becoming more comfortable. Chii is a whole different animal during a small venue Country Girls concert. Saw them at Shinjuku Reny. Course, there isn’t much room on stage, so very limited dancing. So less to remember. She’s be all smiles and waving to the crowd.

        Anyways, watch all the girls. You’ll eventually see some of them bring out the stiff face. Probably cause whatever dance they’re doing, is one they struggle with and can’t get out of serious mode during it.

  1. Moritot is a strange one

    Something had to have happened right before she dyed her hair, ’cause outta nowhere she actually started to smile through-out a concert rather than looking ready to take a nap (regardless of her energy). She’s been pretty consistent with this since it started too

    Like, it doesn’t seem natural at all when I watch her perform when she’s like this lol

  2. Its cause she’s a true idol, she embodies that idol nature at all times

    Occasionally she gets caught staring off into La La Land which I think is pretty funny but you cant fault her for the stiff serious faces she makes when dancing. Its a hard transition from the cute and bubbly Country Girl choreo to the dance centric flagship group Morning Musume. There’s not many idols that can do the heavy choreo they do and still be able to constantly idol smile while carrying the weight of the groups legacy on their back. It’s a lot to worry about but I feel she does just as good as anyone else in the group

  3. This interpretation of Chii is bizarre to me. I don’t get this read off of her at all.

    She’s the least Momochi-like of the CGs. It’s clear that being a calculated snarky shit doesn’t come naturally to her. On the other hand, CG is clearly her comfort zone compared to MM, she relaxes and laughs more with them. I wish she’d act out more in MM. Maybe having proper kouhai will help.

    And my general feeling when seeing her perform is “Let’s play the How Tired Does Chii Look In This Game.” Which isn’t a knock on her performance ability, but that she genuinely looks tired even when dancing and singing really hard.

    I dunno. Maybe the stills and clips are capturing moments I don’t see. But I generally just don’t see anything but Serious Chii.

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